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  • Daewoo: Is There Hope to Reassert the Korean Brand?

    The automotive revolution in the 20th century began in the Western world. But as the countries during that time started becoming linked to each other, the influence and automotive technology reached the Eastern shores. Asian automotive companies emerged following the system and collaborating with their Western counterparts. Among these companies were Toyota, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Hyundai, Kia, and Daewoo. Along the way, these marques went through series of highs and lows. While brands like Toyota rose to prominence, others like Daewoo continue to struggle up to the present. The question is, will the company be able to reassert itself and manufacture quality Daewoo parts again?

    The Beginning of a Korean Marque

    The origins Korean automotive manufacturer Daewoo can be traced as far as 1937. The company began its operations in Bupyeong-gu, Incheon, South Korea under the name National Motor. By 1962, it changed its name to Saenara Motor then subsequently became Shinjin Motor after Toyota joined the Korean company\'s effort. The company only earned its Daewoo name after gaining control over the company from General Motors. The joint venture worked for about two decades. It allowed the company to consistently produce Daewoo parts for its market. Manufacturing vehicles based on General Motors models, the company also had to make sure that Daewoo car parts didn\'t fall short of General Motors\' standards. This set-up persisted until 1997. Two years later, the Korean government dissolved the Daewoo Group making the automotive marque prone to closing or salvaging by another company. Its venture partner took advantage of the situation.

    Daewoo Auto Parts by General Motors

    In 2001, General Motors acquired the majority assets therefore turning Daewoo Motors into GM Daewoo. The brand continued its production in the 21st century and claimed the 3rd spot just behind Hyundai and Kia. With the new-found leadership and direction, the marque was able to increase its market share in its home country. This became an opportunity to support the recovering company with better Daewoo spare parts. And five years after the acquisition, GM Daewoo came up with the Winstorm compact SUV and the Tosca midsize sedan. The Tosca became the first Korean-manufactured sedan to be equipped with a six-cylinder power plant paired with a five-speed automatic transmission.

    From Daewoo to Chevrolet

    Unfortunately for the fans of the brand, General Motors has decided to replace the Daewoo marque with Chevrolet in 2011. The move was aimed to increase local vehicle sales by using a more known marque. Following the transition, several Chevrolet vehicles were introduced to the Korean market. At present, Chevrolet Korea\'s line-up has the following vehicles: Spark, Aveo, Cruise, Malibu, Peon Know, Trax, Orlando, Captiva, and the Camaro. The South Korean plant covers the manufacturing of most of the Chevrolet vehicles introduced in the country. Despite the developments, the question remains: Will Daewoo someday earn momentum and support for it to reemerge again? We will have to find out in the next few years if Daewoo spares its reputation as auto manufacturers continue to evolve in the global market.