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We offer a wide variety of Daihatsu parts and accessories, fit for your every need. Our site’s offering of Daihatsu parts ranges from spark plugs, dashboard covers, lift supports, and high-performance shocks. JC Whitney has been in the industry for over 90 years now and has continued to give the same quality of service to its clients here and all over the globe.

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  • Daihatsu and Some of Its Famous Kei Cars

    The Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. takes pride in being the oldest Japanese car manufacturer, with origins dating back to 1907. Originally named Hatsudoki Seizo Co., Ltd, the company has been producing and selling internal-combustion engines. In fact, it manufactured the country\'s first 6-horsepower, gas-inhaling engine that gave Japan\'s car manufacturing industry a big boost. It was in April 1930 when Daihatsu produced its first 500cc gasoline engine and in December that same year, it launched its first vehicle, the three-wheel car called the HA model. After a few years, the marque released the FA model, its first small four-wheel car.

    In 1951, the company changed its name to Daihatsu, as part of the brand\'s major restructure, and it focused mainly in producing a range of smaller models and off-road vehicles. The marque\'s models are very popular in Japan because they are known as kei cars, which mean light automobiles. Since it has become Daihatsu, some of the notable vehicle models it has produced are:

    Consorte Berlina

    Launched in 1969, the Consorte Berlina was made in response to the dawn of highway era and the need for a high-speed ride that\'s capable of long-distance travels. This is the first Daihatsu model to record cumulative sales of more than 2 million units. Though Daihatsu was tied-up with Toyota during that time, it insisted on using its own Daihatsu parts on the Berlina particularly its Compagno 1,000cc FE engine, which, at that time has a very good reputation. This powertrain was improved before it was fitted on this model to ensure durability, excellent handling, and outstanding driving performance in city and highway driving.

    Daihatsu Fellow

    The Fellow was Daihatsu\'s first attempt into the mini-vehicle market. It was launched in 1966 with a prism-cut design, capable of seating four adults at speeds of 100km/h. All these, plus the advanced technologies as well as top-of-the-line Daihatsu auto parts fitted into the Fellow, made it able to set new benchmarks for mini-vehicles. The Fellow was the first mini-vehicle to be equipped with water-cooled, two-cylinder, two-cycle engine that\'s able to achieve outstanding acceleration. Since it was rear-wheel drive, all the four wheels of this vehicle received independent suspension, which further improved driving stability. The front has a double-wishbone suspension while the rear was fitted with a diagonal swing axle.

    Daihatsu Terios

    Of course, if there\'s a mini-vehicle, Daihatsu also produced a mini-SUV that goes by the name Terios. Released in 1997, the first-gen Terios was offered in five-door estate and a kei car model dubbed as the Terios Kid, which was available only in Japan. To meet the kei car regulations, the Kid was made shorter, therefore compromising the rearmost side window. The second-generation came wider and longer than the first-gen Terios. There\'s also a 7-seater Terios, which comes with an ideal combination of elegant styling and SUV dynamism, making it perfect for nature trips. This model broadens the SUV horizon of loyal Daihatsu owners by combining quality with functionality and outfitting it with top-notch Daihatsu parts and accessories.

    Due to its market and road presence even up to these days, Daihatsu owners need not worry about finding their needed Daihatsu spare parts for replacement as well as Daihatsu car parts and accessories for upgrades. There\'s also a wide variety of Daihatsu parts online for those who will choose to shop over the web.