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We pride ourselves on having the best selection of Dash Designs parts and accessories. Whether you are looking for universal or custom fit Dash Designs products, we have them all. Enter the make, model, and year of your vehicle for a more custom selection of Dash Designs parts or choose from the list below.

Dash Designs Brand Articles

  • Dash Designs: Over 30 Years of Providing Custom Fabric Accessories for Automotive Applications

    Dash Designs has been a top supplier of fabric car accessories for over three decades. The company is built on the goal of providing products that offer outstanding fit, form, and function. In order to achieve this objective, Dash Designs is constantly on the lookout for the latest manufacturing methods, materials, and patterns to efficiently deliver the interior and exterior accessory needs of every car owner.

    Humble beginnings

    Dash Designs' humble beginning in the world of automotive upholstery started in 1983 when it was established in Tempe, Arizona. The company has been bent on producing first-rate custom fabric accessories ever since it was founded, and it has employed top-of-the-line manufacturing techniques over the past years to ensure that its products deliver an outstanding quality. Despite of the lack in computer-aided manufacturing equipment back in the days, the company still managed to produce fabric products that offer a seamless fit and a striking design. The quality and craftsmanship of the Dash Designs accessories made the company one of the pioneer brands in the business of auto parts upholstery.

    In order to keep up with the changing demands of car enthusiasts throughout different generations, Dash Designs exerted made it a point to employ the latest production technologies and equipment for designing and sewing fabric materials. Nowadays, the company utilizes CAD and CAM processes in designing the patterns for its products to ensure that they offer a perfect fit and a flawless design. Dash Designs have also managed to expand its dealership network to more than 3,000 dealers all over the USA.

    Formula for success

    Dash Designs values high-quality craftsmanship more than anything else, which is why its manufacturing methods are centered into achieving high-grade and precise custom automotive accessories. This unparalleled commitment to product excellence along with its team of skilled and dedicated sewing operators, designers, and technicians are the primary factors that make Dash Designs stand out from the other brands, and this is also the reason behind the company's continuous success in the auto parts market.

    Dash Designs brands and product lines

    Dash covers, seat covers, sunshades, and floor mats.these are just some of Dash Designs' fabric automotive accessories. The company's wide product lineup is divided into numerous brands, and every product under these brands offer unique and innovative features that are exclusive to its product series. Dash Designs offers its customers a lot of product options in order to help them locate the right ones that suit their style and comfort preferences.

    It only takes a single look at Dash Designs' name to figure out that the primary products that this company specializes on are dash covers. The company's dash covers are offered under the its Dash Designs® brand, which is also further divided into several product series including the Poly-Carpet., Dashtex., and Superflauge.. These dash covers boast a UV- and heat-resistant feature which helps lengthen their service life. The company also designed this product lineup with precut holes and shrink- and fade-resistant properties in order to make it even more effective when it comes to maintaining a vehicle's interior in tiptop shape.

    Dash Designs' brands of seat covers, sun shades and floor mats also feature a durable material construction that's incredibly resistant against heat, UV rays, spills, and dirt. The company's well-known brands for these components include the Seat Designs. custom seat covers, The Shade. and Silver Shield. retractable sunshades, and the Endura. custom floor mats.