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Dash Knob Kit

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Knobs make it easier to switch on/off the headlights, A/C, wipers, flashers, radio, and other stuff on your car dashboard. But as you constantly push, pull, flip, and turn these knobs, they can wear out, become loose, or get stuck. When it comes to that, what's left for you to do is to pull out the broken knobs and put in new ones so your car's smooth and trouble-free operation won't be interrupted. Good thing is, you can place an order for a whole new dash knob kit and give your dashboard a whole new look. You can turn the dash from drab to fab with new knobs that are not only functional but also stylish. The knobs you get can be anything from classic and elegant to cool and hip.

If you're ready to shop for a dash knob kit, let us help you out. We'll familiarize you with the dash knob options. Here are some of the things you have to consider when looking for knobs for the dashboard:


Dash knobs are made using different materials. Your options include plastic, aluminum, billet aluminum, steel, and billet stainless steel. If you want something light, cheap, and simple, a good choice would be plastic knobs. These knobs are good choices for those who are looking for mere replacements. If you want something more elegant and stylish, then you can get dash knobs in aluminum, stainless steel, or billet choices. Choose knobs that complement the design of your dashboard and other details in it such as the trims and accessories. Make sure that the parts included in the dash knob kit will blend well with the rest of the interior.

Color and finish

Dash knobs come in various types of finish such as natural, polished, anodized, colored powdercoat, and chrome. These give you plenty of style choices that can make the dashboard the star of the car interior. It can be a premium command center with the right selection of knobs. You can add some color to the dash with colored knobs. Available colors range from black and silver to red, blue, white, tan, and other hues and color combination. If you want to stick to the basics or go for more classic options, chrome or polished knobs can be your best choice.


Dash knobs may be designed as stock replacements, having OE comparable quality and style. You may also look into aftermarket options for more design and color choices. These may come in different shapes such as the teardrop design and the typical round shape. Whatever design you choose, be sure that it matches the dashboard specifications of your vehicle. Get knobs that not only look awesome but are also reliable and functional. Check the pieces that are included in the dash knob kit . whether they include knobs for the A/C, wipers, lights, radio, and other dashboard controls/settings.


Some knobs can be easily pulled off and pushed in. Others require some drilling to fit. The dash knob kit should include all the needed hardware for hassle-free installation. This may include O-rings, an Allen wrench, and a set screw. It'll also be great if you can get instructions along with the package.