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We pride ourselves on having the best selection of Denso parts and accessories. Whether you are looking for universal or custom fit Denso products, we have them all. Enter the make, model, and year of your vehicle for a more custom selection of Denso parts or choose from the list below.

Denso Brand Articles

  • Denso: The Frontrunner in OEM and Aftermarket Automotive Components

    Denso prides itself as one of the companies that pioneered the automotive OEM and aftermarket industry. Throughout the years, it has been driven by the goal of becoming a trustworthy name in the auto parts market. In line with this objective, Denso has been utilizing state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities to produce unique vehicle components. The company has made a lot of valuable contributions when it comes to vehicle technologies, and this is exactly the reason why it continues to be regarded as the leading manufacturer of replacement parts for different automobile applications.

    Humble beginnings

    Denso\'s extensive years in the industry of OEM and aftermarket vehicle components began in 1949, when it became a separate entity from the Toyota Motor Co., Ltd. and was established as the Nippodenso Co., Ltd. in Japan. As a company that\'s fully focused on the production of technologically advanced automotive components, Denso continued to develop and manufacture electrical OEM and aftermarket products until it has secured a technical agreement with Robert Bosch GmbH in 1953. This collaboration paved the way for the company\'s network expansion. Soon after, Denso began to establish service plants that offer product repair and replacement services all over the different regions of Japan. With numerous service centers that cater to the needs of car owners in the country, it didn\'t take long before it became known as one of the leading providers of OEM and aftermarket vehicle components that are backed up by impressive after-sales services. By 1966, the company has successfully opened a sales office in the USA to mark its first venture outside the Japanese auto parts market. To fully establish itself as an international supplier, the company changed its name into Denso in 1996.

    Denso filled its succeeding years in the automotive industry with numerous research and development efforts in order to discover the best possible technologies and materials that it can utilize to produce high-quality auto parts. The company has earned countless awards, medals, and certifications over the past 60 years because of its continuous innovative undertakings. Today, Denso has a bunch of production and distribution facilities scattered all over the globe. Its massive workforce is composed of about 140,000 dedicated people that possess in-depth expertise when it comes to automotive technologies.

    Formula for success

    Denso managed to retain an outstanding reputation in the auto parts market due to its unwavering dedication to product quality as well as its incomparable commitment to constantly innovate its product offerings. Attaining these simple objectives has proven to be the company\'s winning formula for its six decades of success. The technicians and engineers that backs up Denso\'s manufacturing plants goes to great lengths just to ensure that every little product detail is compliant with the high quality standards of the company as well as the stringent specifications in the automotive industry. Because of this, drivers from different generations have come to trust the Denso brand when it comes to getting auto parts that boast accurate specifications, advanced features, and reliable quality.

    Denso brands and product lines

    Denso was a company that initially specializes on electrical automotive components such as spark plugs when it joined the auto parts market. Today, the company\'s product line has significantly expanded to include parts for the air conditioning, fuel, powertrain, cooling, and engine management systems. It even has its own line of top-quality wiper blades that are designed to deliver a perfect fit. There\'s no doubt that Denso has come a long way since its establishment, and looks like it will continue to develop new product technologies in the coming years ahead.

    The company carries a number of brands that are famous among car enthusiasts worldwide, including the First Time Fit®, Iridium Power®, Iridium Racing®, and Enduro Vision® series. Despite of its large product lineup and numerous brands, Denso still manages to ensure that every product that comes out its doors possesses an outstanding quality and longevity.