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Dodge B250 Parts And Dodge B250 Accessories

Below you'll find a wide variety of Dodge B250 parts and accessories. Enter the year of your Dodge B250 to get a more customized product set. And remember, with our industry leading 30-day Guarantee, you can ensure you're shopping with a trusted partner.

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  • Dodge B250: Managing the Common Problems of the HVAC System

    The Dodge B250 is a full-size van that comes from the B-Series family, which is commonly known as the Dodge Ram Van. The B250 model began its production when the original B-Series vans were replaced with the upgraded versions beginning 1979. This van, however, has irked several consumers due to certain issues, specifically the AC system-related problems like the HVAC air flow switching to defrost when accelerating and the overheating blower motor switch. These issues definitely take a toll on the driving experience. Fortunately, there are ways to effectively fix these Dodge B250 problems.

    Inspect for any vacuum leaks

    It is uncommon for the HVAC system to automatically switch to defrost during acceleration, but this case proved to be popular in the B250 van. This problem is felt across five year models of the Dodge vehicle from the 1990 to the 1994 year models and continues to be a cause of headache for the owners of the said van. Since the AC/heater system is operated by engine vacuum, checking for any vacuum leaks is the first solution to be taken.

    Fixing the leaks, however, is easier said than done since spotting the location of the leaks is tricky. In fact, it can be anywhere and of any size. Even a tiny hole in the vacuum line can significantly take a toll on the HVAC system. In the event that the leak is on the vacuum line, then replacing it should get the job done. This replacement process is moderate and can be done in less than an hour, depending on your DIY skills. Sending the van to a professional mechanic to fix the leak is also an option.

    Replace the vacuum check valve

    The leak that causes the unexpected switching to defrost can also be the fault of the vacuum check valve. The stock valve installed on the B250 tends to be problematic, and this had caused Dodge to revise the vacuum check valve for the later models. In the event that the vacuum check valve is broken or damaged, vacuum can also leak through it. This makes the valve a strong candidate when the van\'s HVAC system begins to act up and switch modes during acceleration.

    Replacing this faulty part should not take too long nor will it demand expert skills. DIYers who are adept at this process should breeze through the replacement, but those otherwise should seek the service of skilled and professional automotive repair personnel.

    Change the blower motor switch and fuse

    Another problem often experienced on a B250 is the erratic operation of the HVAC blower motor. This poor performance is attributed to the overheating switch on board. The overheating, on the other hand, is caused by the frequent operation of the blower motor at high speeds, and this results in melting of the internal components. Also, the blower motor fuse may get damaged, which is another effect of the B250\'s problematic switch.

    To ensure the smooth operation of the blower motor, replacing the switch should be a priority. A revised switch is necessary to prevent cases of overheating and a blown-out fuse. Moreover, it is advised to install a wiring harness with a relay assembly to guarantee a hassle-free performance.