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Dodge D150 Parts And Dodge D150 Accessories

Below you'll find a wide variety of Dodge D150 parts and accessories. Enter the year of your Dodge D150 to get a more customized product set. And remember, with our industry leading 30-day Guarantee, you can ensure you're shopping with a trusted partner.

Dodge D150 Parts

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  • How to Fix Your Dodge D150\'s Dodgy Vibrations While You\'re Driving

    First off, the Dodge D150 is part of the D Series of pickup trucks manufactured and by Dodge from 1961-1980. Until a new and redesigned Ram was introduced in 1994, the Dodge D Series of trucks were renamed the Dodge Ram after 1980 (so essentially, they were Rams from 1980-1994). This series shares the AD platform with the other Dodge models as well. With that said, have you experienced this nightmare scenario of minding your own business and driving your D150 when it starts to vibrate from out of the blue? Sometimes it\'s a random vibe, other times it\'s more continuous.

    Diagnosing the Symptoms

    The frustrating thing about dealing with this problem is that it\'s a hard-to-replicate phenomenon in trucks aside from the Dodge D150. The younger it is, the less frequent you\'ll get the Dodge D150 vibration while driving until it reaches a certain mileage age. It can also happen when you give it more throttle when you\'re driving up a hill. Vibrations can come from broken u-joints as the symptom, but with the D150, there\'s no specific trigger for the vibes.

    Check if you can feel it on your steering wheel, the seat of your pants, or at your feet to gauge the location of the vibes. This can also happen as your Dodge D150 ages. Some might even suggest that it\'s the hubs or the brakes. Others claim it just needs more grease. However, it isn\'t that simple and it\'s hard to zero in on just a particular cause. It\'s like a fever; there are multiple causes for fevers that can range from infection to stress.

    Shot Bushings, Sway Bar, and Overdrive Issues

    This rhythmic on and off vibration that feels like driving over a highway\'s rumble strips could be caused by shot bushings and a rattling front sway bar, for example. It could also be the death knell of your overdrive, with it slipping unto your overdrive clutches, such that it drops out of overdrive from excessive heat. This is actually part of the PCM programming.

    It\'s supposed to do drop out and stay out until the right operating temperature has been achieved. Of course, this is the cause if it happens when the OD is off instead of on. Just in case, you should check your driveshaft for thrown balance weights or dents that could cause the Dodge D150 vibration while driving. If it happens on a certain speed, it could be a (let\'s say) 70 miles per hour tire balance problem. Narrow down the shaking to where the vibration occur the strongest.

    Tire Balance, Driveshaft, and Consulting a Mechanic

    Here are your options for fixes. First, get your balance rechecked on your D150\'s tires. It might be a tire problem. If it\'s the 4WD, then the driveshaft might have an issue, in which case you should pull the shaft and drive it. If the front axle is staying locked on your Dodge D150, then that might be causing the shaking, so get that looked at.

    It could be a worn steering component, shocks, something that\'s off alignment, or the front-end balance having issues. Indeed, consider the possibility that there might not be a cheap or simple DIY fix to this. You might need a professional for this one. There\'s also the option to accelerate below the \"shaking\" point when you\'re on the highway, but that\'s just ignoring the problem rather than solving it.