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Dodge D250 Parts And Dodge D250 Accessories

Below you'll find a wide variety of Dodge D250 parts and accessories. Enter the year of your Dodge D250 to get a more customized product set. And remember, with our industry leading 30-day Guarantee, you can ensure you're shopping with a trusted partner.

Dodge D250 Parts

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  • Dodge D250 Transmission Swap: 3 Parts to Remember

    You\'re probably thinking that you\'d save a lot on fuel and have better shifting response if your automatic Dodge D250 was a manual. Or maybe you\'re just tired with moving the stick shift around and just want the convenience of an automatic transmission. It\'s also possible that you\'ve heard all of the good things about having a transmission with overdrive capability and you want it in your truck. Whichever reason it might be, you will need to have the transmission in your Dodge D250 swapped in order to achieve any of these three.

    The art of swapping

    Swapping transmissions have made it possible for Dodge D250 truck owners to change from a manual transmission or automatic one or vice versa. And the process is a complex and challenging one, given that there is little margin for error as well as the sheer number of parts that will be removed and installed on your truck. But while there are a myriad of transmission, steering, and suspension components that you will need to deal with in swapping a D250 transmission, the following are the three key parts that you will work on:

    Clutch linkages

    If you are switching from an automatic transmission to a manual one, one of the key challenges you\'ll face us finding a compatible clutch linkage and its associated hardware. Many D250 owners have resorted to scouring scrap yards for usable clutch linkages, although aftermarket clutch linkages are now starting to pop up online.

    Ideally, you should get a clutch linkage that matches the make and model year of your D250. Doing so will ensure that the clutch cross shaft matches the engine and make repositioning the mounts an easier process. However, due to the D250 being phased out in the 1980s, finding one that\'s in good working condition can prove to be difficult if not expensive. Another option you can take is to have aftermarket linkages tooled for your truck. There are now parts dealers that offer both big block and small block clutch linkage kit, as well as associated hardware such as bell housings, housing pivot balls, clutch forks, and neutral safety switch assemblies.


    Automatic and manual transmissions have different pedal and under-dash linkage configurations, so expect to cut some holes or cover up existing ones on the floor. And just like the clutch linkage, pedals may prove to be difficult to find given that they have long been phased out from Dodge\'s stockpiles. Instead, you will more likely find aftermarket under-dash pedal assemblies from parts dealers online. To install these assemblies, the stock pedals will have to be removed from the steering column support and the shifter components installed. It\'s actually a fairly simple process: a clip is removed, and the pedal slides out. In the case of automatic transmission switching to manual, the clutch pedal will also be mounted outside the pedal mount.

    Transmission cross members and mounts

    Unlike the pedals and clutch linkages, using non-stock crossmembers and transmission mounts will have minimal negative effect to the D250\'s performance. Ideally, you should choose a basic transmission crossmember configurations, as aftermarket solid versions are geared more towards the drag racing vehicles. Also, stick with OE-compliant rubber mounts as these are gentler on the transmission.