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Dodge D350 Parts And Dodge D350 Accessories

Below you'll find a wide variety of Dodge D350 parts and accessories. Enter the year of your Dodge D350 to get a more customized product set. And remember, with our industry leading 30-day Guarantee, you can ensure you're shopping with a trusted partner.

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  • Dodge D350: Get Rid of the Knocking Noise on Your Engine

    A knocking noise from the engine is often an issue among owners of a Dodge D350, which is a pick-up truck that normally runs on diesel. The D350 has already been discontinued, with the 1993 model year as the last to roll out of the production plants. The last four model years of this truck, however, were guilty of the carbon buildup in the fuel injectors, causing the knocking noise that may eventually lead to poor engine performance. If you still own a Dodge D350, here are some ways to be in control of this problem.

    Clean the fuel injectors

    The fuel left in the injector tips each time the engine is shut off forms small deposits that tend to accumulate in the fuel injectors. Over time, these deposits will eventually clog the injectors and form carbon buildup. This results in reduced engine performance that is accompanied by the knocking noise. Oftentimes, this can also cause other components to wear out.

    The best solution for this is to have the fuel injectors cleaned. Performing this process can be done by a professional mechanic to ensure that the injectors will be completely free of the buildup and be left without any traces of small deposits. Having the truck serviced and its injectors cleaned comes with a price, though, especially since the Dodge D350 is no longer covered by a warranty after Dodge canceled the truck\'s line over two decades ago. However, keep in mind that there may be cases when the knocking noise will not be eliminated; instead, it will only be reduced. Expect to experience less noise and better performance, though, once the injectors have been cleaned.

    Replace worn-out fuel injectors and injector tips

    Although cleaning the fuel injectors is the primary solution to the knocking noise on your Dodge D350, this might not be the best solution to your case. Keep in mind that excessive carbon buildup in your engine can damage the other components, especially the fuel injectors and the injector tips. This is the reason having a professional mechanic check your vehicle is advised. In this way, the appropriate actions to fix the problem will be easily determined and executed for prompt results.

    This is where the challenge lies. The replacement part for the old Dodge D350 may already be scarce, since this model has long been discontinued. Regardless, there are still aftermarket parts on the market, but these parts\' compatibility with your truck must first be confirmed before installing them on your vehicle.

    Conduct regular maintenance

    The tendency to have difficulties in finding compatible replacement parts warrants proper maintenance of the diesel engine. Using diesel fuel additives proves to be beneficial since this helps in ensuring a cleaner system for a more efficient performance. Regularly using fuel injector cleaners will help in preventing excessive carbon buildup that causes different effects on your engine. Do remember, though, that the products you should use on your Dodge D350 must not harm the engine installed on your truck.

    Meanwhile, here are the common signs that indicate your engine needs proper maintenance and prompt actions: reduced power or acceleration, low MPG, rough idling, and increased fuel consumption.