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Below you'll find a wide variety of Dodge Grand Caravan parts and accessories. Enter the year of your Dodge Grand Caravan to get a more customized product set. And remember, with our industry leading 30-day Guarantee, you can ensure you're shopping with a trusted partner.

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  • Dodge Grand Caravan: Brake Problems and Solutions

    The Dodge Grand Caravan features improved better space capacity that is perfect for family-oriented buyers. Through the years, Dodge doesn\'t fail to equip the Grand Caravan with numerous and remarkable innovations to sustain its notable positioning in the market. And though it receives several affirmative comments, it still can crop up common car problems including brake hitches. Know the common signs of premature brake problems and how to prevent them.

    On brake pads and brake fluid

    It is believed that the reason for this premature brake failure is because the brake pads and rotors are just too small and thin for the size and weight of the Dodge Caravan. However, if this is a common complaint to a Dodge Grand Caravan, then you are also expected to follow a strict maintenance schedule and good driving habits to prevent this unwanted premature brake hitches from arising.

    It is recommended to check the condition of your brake pads at least once a week. It\'s also better to check the brake fluid, friction material, and the brake cables every 10,000 miles. Changing brake fluid can be done as early as reaching 15,000 to 20,000 miles to prevent premature brake failure. If you are going to replace the brake pads, make sure to replace them with the same type of friction material suitable for your Dodge Grand Caravan. Also, keep an eye on your brake fluid level and never allow it to reach the below minimum mark. If you have time, examine the braking power of all the four wheels by using a brake meter or a brake tester. And also, don\'t forget to check the efficiency of the circuit to prevent your brakes from failing early.

    On changing harsh braking habit

    Replacement of brake pads and rotors is usually the solution to this problem. But you can prevent your pads to wear sooner by avoiding \'hard braking.\' If you notice that you need to use your brake, hold the brake few meters away or have at least a three-vehicle distance to prevent you from pressing your brake harder just to get a quick full stop and to avoid bumping and crashing into the vehicle in front of you.

    On brake system maintenance

    Do not deprive your brake system to undergo a healthy schedule of maintenance. By doing so, you are reducing the risk of potential harm and damage on the brake system that can surface prematurely. You should always be aware of your brake system condition at all times. This saves you not only from having expensive repairs in the future but also from impending troublesome situations. Your trusted mechanic should visually inspect the disc brakes in order for him to know their condition and performance. He must inspect the other parts of your brake system including, but not limited to, the calipers, piston, lines, brake pads, rotors, seals, and slide pins.

    It is always better to get baffled on how to include a regular brake system maintenance routine to your busy schedule than to encounter these unwanted premature brake hitches early on.