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  • How is Chrysler's TIPM Causing Issues on the Dodge Nitro?

    For five years, the Dodge Nitro underwent production as one of the automaker\'s bet in its sport utility vehicle category. The compact SUV shares much resemblance in design with its cousin, the second-generation Jeep Liberty. In fact, both vehicles share the same platform, engine options, and other technology. During its half-decade stint, the vehicle was able to provide its driver a favorable engine output as well as decent fuel economy. In the more recent years, Chrysler has developed the TIPM that is supposed to manage different operations in its vehicles. However, this effort has met serious problems as well.

    What the TIPM is all about

    TIPM stands for Totally Integrated Power Module. It is a vehicle technology developed by Chrysler for the various vehicles under its umbrella. This includes those that are released from the following brands: Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep. It is a relatively new concept to the uninitiated market in the US. The electronic device is linked to the different vehicle systems that require electricity to operate. Its control covers the movement of the power windows, wipers, lights, radios, as well as more vital tasks like ignition and activation of airbags. At face value, integrating the TIPM into a vehicle should have been a good way for centralizing functions. However, the automotive community would soon find out complications that could potentially be inconvenient and dangerous.

    Unfortunately for Chrysler vehicles like the Dodge Nitro, there is a chance that the TIPM could malfunction. The problem can be traced to the installed software that incapacitates the vehicle from performing properly. There would be days when owners would ride in their Nitros only to end up stalling on the road, unable to start, and components operating by themselves.

    The repercussions of the problematic system

    Despite the series of reported incidents relating to the TIPM, Chrysler continued using this product in its vehicles much to the dismay of the automotive community. As the number of affected vehicles went up, people became more aware of the possible inconveniences and hazards attributed to the TIPM. Soon after, there have been more complaints and even lawsuits that were drafted against the use of the technology. The effects of the defective TIPM would be owners not having their Nitros during the correction and spending a substantial amount of money to have the part replaced.

    Possible remedies for a faulty TIPM in the Dodge Nitro

    If a Dodge Nitro has been diagnosed with a faulty TIPM, there are a few possible remedies to fix the issue. Some would opt to install bypass cables to skip the bad fuel pump relay that can deprive the engine of its energy juice. Owners can also choose to have their TIPM repaired or replaced by authorized shops to be able to correct the issues. This will involve inspecting the relays connected to parts like fuel pump, wipers, locks, horns, and lights to determine the extent of the repair that should be done on the system.