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If the door skin of your Jeep or any other vehicle is already dull, tattered, or scratched, there's no use holding on to the old stuff. Why don't you dress things up with a door skin cloth? The cloth can restore the smooth, good looks of the vehicle and provide a shield of protection to the door. With various options for a door skin cloth, you can find a perfect match for the door skin. You can create a brand new look with this cloth or stick to the original vehicle style. The choice is up to you. We're only here to help you explore the available options so that you can find the right cloth for your vehicle's door skin. Here are some tips:

Reminders when choosing a door skin cloth for your vehicle

  • Pick a high-quality cloth. Never settle for less. With a high-grade cloth, you can be sure that this will last for a long time. Even if you drive in extreme weather or in rough roads, it won't tear or break easily. It can withstand most impacts and won't succumb to wear instantly even when exposed to dirt, sludge, and contaminants that can weaken the material. Options for the cloth material include denim, fabric, and vinyl.
  • Check out the different cloth color choices such as black, spice, black denim, spice denim, and black diamond. The color and design should match the style of the vehicle or the look you want to create, whether you want your door skin to be in classic black color or to have a bit of color or pattern to accentuate the door.
  • Consider the number of door skin cloths that you have to buy. The cloth may come in a set of two, for both the driver and passenger side. A new set can bring out a new look. If you lost the skin cloth on the other door and simply want to replace, you won't have to buy a couple of pieces. Instead of a set, you can buy per piece. Just make sure that this is for the right door so fitting won't be a problem.
  • Look for a door skin cloth that fits the door frame and can be installed easily. This can be attached with no hassle through the hooks and loop fasteners. With the right fit, the cloth can be fitted in just about 5 minutes per door. Once put in place, the cloth shouldn't get in the way when closing and opening the door. It should be sealed on the edges perfectly.
  • Get yourself a good manufacturer warranty when you buy a new skin cloth. Some manufacturers offer up to a 90-day limited warranty coverage. Shop around to get the best deals out of your purchase.
  • Scout for a good price. You have more than a few options for a door skin cloth. The price widely varies according to the design, brand, material, and other features. If you want to save more, check out online prices and look around. Different sellers offer various deals that can help you cut on the actual cost through discounts and promos. Buy from a seller that offers the most reliable auto parts from topnotch brands.

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