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Door Storage Rack

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Wouldn't it be neat if you have storage pockets and stuff organizers on every nook and cranny of your car? This way, you won't have to put everything inside the glove compartment until it gets stuck. If you want extra storage space without messing up the interior, you can use a door storage rack. The rack can be used for holding documents, mails, a pack of cigarette, tools, or practically anything that will fit into the box or its pockets and compartments. You can make every space in your car functional, even the door panel. This accessory will help you arrange your stuff easily and let you keep them within reach so they won't be scattered just about everywhere. The rack will not just give your vehicle more storage space but also lend a more personalized interior look and provide added functionality.

If you're shopping for a new door storage rack for your pickup, van, or car, let us help you out. Here's a short guide for the things you have to consider when browsing through the many storage rack options.

Size of the storage rack

Take note of the storage rack measurements, the width, height, and depth. The size of the rack should fit the door panel. You have to get the actual width of the panel, as well as measure the gap or clearance between the seat and the panel. This will be your guide to finding a rack that will fit the available space on the door.

Door storage rack design and material

Storage racks can be made of leather-grained plastic. These racks are available in different colors such as black, burgundy, tan, and gray. Aside from plastic racks, you'll find options that come in carpet materials. These may be designed with a lid and closure latch and with several pockets and pods. They come in select colors such as charcoal.

The door storage rack may also be designed with a drink holder for your convenience. See if having a drink holder attached to the door panel will actually be useful for you. If not, then skip this option and just stick to basic storage racks. What's important is to have a rack that can provide just the right storage space that you need and can secure your stuff while keeping it from getting tossed around or from getting wet and dirty.

Storage rack installation

Door storage racks are mounted at the bottom of the door panel. These are sealed with screws that are included with the item. As much as possible, choose a rack the can be easily mounted or attached to the door panel with less trouble. Some options don't require any drilling or modification. Make sure that the rack should come with all the necessary hardware and instructions.

Storage rack prices

Storage rack prices may vary based on the design, material used, features, size, and brand. These accessories aren't that expensive at all. You can find a great door storage rack option for your vehicle with prices starting at 14 to 17 USD.

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