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We pride ourselves on having the best selection of Edge Products parts and accessories. Whether you are looking for universal or custom fit Edge Products products, we have them all. Enter the make, model, and year of your vehicle for a more custom selection of Edge Products parts or choose from the list below.

Edge Products Brand Articles

  • Edge Products: Giving Vehicles the Extra Edge in Performance

    To squeeze out more power from the beast under the hood and keep the driving machine rolling as smoothly as it could, performance modifiers and monitors can be used. These electronic gadgets and devices can help fine-tune the vehicle\'s performance by adjusting the settings and checking certain parameters. However, not all performance-tuning electronics offer the best results, so car owners have to be more discerning with their choices. Some fine aftermarket options can be found in the wide selection of Edge Products. Founded in 1999, the company initially built performance electronics for diesel-powered trucks. The company later on ventured into other markets, providing performance electronics for vehicles that run on gas and on diesel. It also offered performance enhancing devices for Jeep.

    Company growth

    Edge added more performance tuners and solutions to its product lineup and introduced innovative performance electronics. In taking these steps, the company has enjoyed steadfast growth in the aftermarket industry. To validate its growth and status, Inc. 500 included it in its list of the fastest-growing privately held companies. It was also named as the fourth fast-growing company in Utah between 1999 and 2004. Edge runs a 40,000-square foot facility and has over 100 employees under its stead. The corporate office of Edge Products is located at 1080 South Depot Drive, Ogden, Utah 84404.

    Part of the MSD Performance Family (MSD Ignition, Racepack, and Superchips), Edge was eventually merged with another brand, Superchips, in 2011. The management decided to place them under one company, operating under a new name.Powerteq. The fusion of these brands is considered a strategic move. Together, they can provide a more comprehensive product lineup and combine their expertise to introduce more revolutionary products in the market.

    The brand\'s winning edge

    The winning edge of this brand comes from the intuitive design of its performance electronic products (modules, programmers, and monitors). These devices are built to modify, enhance, and monitor vehicle performance, improving efficiency and overall driving experience in the process. Edge products gained favorable reviews and earned the approval of some car experts and enthusiasts because of their well-thought-of user control. Each device or product is made with ease of use and demands for performance in mind. Edge\'s in-cab monitors, for instance, can display multiple engine parameters and have safety features for these parameters. These neat features earns it some winning points over its rivals. Edge isn\'t only focused on providing quality products but also in ensuring good customer service and technical support.

    Product lineup

    Edge offers the most reliable options for automotive performance electronics. Its years of experience in the industry has helped it develop high-standard modules, programmers, and monitors. The company designs and manufactures these gadgets for various auto makes, from 1996 models to the most recent ones. These Edge products are offered under different series and banners, such as Juice Attitude, Jammers, Evolution, Comp, EZ, EAS, and Insight. They\'re classified according to the vehicle\'s engine specs (diesel or gas). These products are also specifically built to address the requirements for performance, towing, or fuel economy. Aside from gauges, programmers, and monitors, Edge also has a line of mounting devices and other relevant accessories.