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Most shoppers would say that bargains are not an everyday thing. But here at JC Whitney, our online customers can attest that we offer the best deals almost in a regular basis. So if you’re looking for EGR products, you’ve visited the right place. Our extensive collection of EGR Parts, EGR Accessories, and EGR Gas Recirculation can be seen from our product catalog below.

EGR Brand Articles

  • EGR: Trusted Supplier of OEM and Aftermarket Auto Accessories

    EGR is a well-known automotive parts brand that offers a wide selection of OEM products and aftermarket auto accessories. But before EGR began manufacturing automotive products and achieved its status as a global brand, it first started out selling acrylic coffee tables and shoe stands. The family business, which was founded by Greg and Rod Horwill in 1973, specialized in light plastic fabrication services. Plastic framed mirrors were the company\'s top-selling products back then. EGR eventually ventured into manufacturing automotive accessories in 1983. In 2012, the company also expanded its portfolio and began manufacturing building products and materials.

    From plastic fabrication to auto accessories

    The first automotive accessories built by EGR were acrylic head light covers for the Ford XD Falcon. After testing the waters and finding out that there\'s potential in this market, EGR soon created acrylic weathershields for various vehicles. From there, EGR has expanded its product line, with its catalog now featuring thousands of automotive products. It is able to sustain growth in the manufacturing business by investing in up-to-date machinery and using advanced technologies. The company has proven itself to be a dedicated manufacturer that\'s not afraid to innovate and develop new products. More than 40 years after the company was established, EGR continues to stand strong, with the success of its auto accessories division.

    Manufacturing expertise

    EGR\'s strength as a manufacturer comes from its passion for innovation. The company invests in high-standard tools and machinery and makes use of advanced technologies to ensure that the products meet, if not exceed, the industry standards. Over the years, the company has gained formidable experience and unquestionable expertise, using tried-and-tested manufacturing procedures and engineering techniques. The designs of its automotive accessories evolve along with the changing needs in the automotive market, providing the best features possible. Some of the manufacturing capabilities and expertise of EGR include injection molding, robotic spray painting, extrusion, CAD design, and robotic gluing. EGR implements vertical integration to maintain excellent product quality and has a Quality Management System in place. It operates within the International Standards ISO 9001 and Automotive Technical Specification ISO/TS 16949. The company has worked its way into becoming a trusted supplier to the automotive market by staying true to its brand philosophy and through its manufacturing expertise.

    OEM and aftermarket auto accessories

    EGR is a supplier of OEM-branded auto accessories, which include hood guards, side steps, sports bars, and tonneau covers. These accessories are specially designed for different car makes and models. These products are made in manufacturing facilities in the US, UK, Australia, and Thailand. To guarantee optimum product quality, the company use up-to-date facilities and equipment such as robotic paint and assembly lines. It also makes use of innovative materials and continues to develop products with improved features or specs. EGR is also a known source of aftermarket products, ranging from window visors and canopies to bull bars and fender flares. These are manufactured to meet the OEM standards, which is achieved through CAD/CAM design, robotic manufacturing, and top-end production technologies.