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Emergency lights will help warn approaching motorists of any potential hazard. They will be able to slow down, stop, or avoid going to the same lane when they spot the signals coming from the emergency light. This type of automotive lighting comes in many different types. Here are some of them:

Under the optical type:

Steady burning lamp. This type of emergency light typically comes in white or colored lighting. Steadily burning white lights are typically designed for emergency workers that need illumination for what they're doing, while the colored lights are used on emergency vehicles that need to declare their presence on the road.

Revolving/rotating light. This lighting usually comes with one stationary bulb, which may be a quartz-halogen type or an incandescent bulb. Some lights may use LEDs instead. Rotating beams are among the key features of this type of lighting. This may also be applied in light bars.

Strobe lights. Some emergency lighting comes in strobe light designs. They are offered in xenon flash lamps.

LED lighting. Most emergency lights are available in LED designs because of their power efficiency, longer lifespan, and high level of illumination. These lights may come in light bar designs or single beacons.

Under the mounting type:

Roof-mounted single beacon. The emergency light may be mounted on various parts of the vehicle, depending on the design and purpose. For the roof-mounted type, high visibility is the purpose. The roof-mounted single beacon is used to attract attention for the vehicle using it.

Light bar. This is a simple metal bar that's typically mounted on the vehicle's roof. Eventually, varied components have been used in the light bar as part of a unit. The light bar may use fixed or rotating lights. It may also incorporate strobe lighting or LED-based lights.

Under the body mounted type:

Some types of emergency light may be mounted on the vehicle body for directional lighting and other purposes. For instance, a permanently installed light in the front may be used to clear traffic or provide warning. Body-mounted lights may be integrated into the main lighting. These lights may be placed on the grille, on rear-view mirrors, or other parts of the vehicle body to obtain optimum visibility. Body-mounted lights may be modified as well.

Under the interior mounted type:

Emergency lights may also be found on the vehicle's interior. Typically, they're placed on the dashboard and rear deck. They can be used for temporary or discreet lighting. These lights may be permanently installed and wired into the vehicle's electrical system. They may also be mounted temporarily, with power coming from the cigarette lighter.

Tips when shopping for an emergency light

  • Know first the purpose of using some emergency lighting to help narrow down your search from a wide-range selection.
  • Familiarize yourself with the different types of lighting and their features.
  • Take note of their advantages and limitations to figure out what will work best for your vehicle and on certain emergency situations.
  • Consider the different styles, configurations, and modifications for each type of emergency lighting.
  • Do some comparison shopping to get the best price, package, and service.

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