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To keep your vehicle's soft top in top condition for many years, it needs regular TLC. After all, it's exposed to plenty of damaging elements.harmful UV rays from the sun, dirt, grime, and moisture.whenever you drive your vehicle around. Fortunately, giving a soft top some TLC is a breeze.simply follow these fabric top care tips:

Tip #1: Routinely clean the soft top's fabric.

If your vehicle sees more of the urban jungle than the real one, thoroughly cleaning the soft top's fabric once or twice a year should be enough to keep it in good shape. A thorough cleanup should involve the following steps:

  • Vacuum the soft top to get rid of loose dirt particles. Focus on seams and other areas where lots of dirt and grime tend to pile up. It's best to do this before washing the fabric to make sure no abrasive particles will brush against the soft top while you're cleaning it.
  • Wash and rinse. Using a cleaner that's specifically designed for the type of fabric your soft top has, wash the soft top to get rid of stains and stubborn dirt. Use a non-abrasive brush for a more thorough cleaning. Scrub the seams and other areas where grime is thickest, but don't overdo it as you might damage the fabric in the process. Then rinse off the cleaner, making sure that no traces of soap is left.
  • Let the fabric dry off completely. When drying off a soft top, you have three options: let it air dry, blot out the water, or use a drying machine. All these methods have their own pros and cons, but all are effective in drying the fabric without leaving lint on the surface.
  • Coat the top with a protectant. Even though your soft top came with a waterproof layer, you'll have to reapply a waterproof seal over time because the original protective layer will eventually wear out.
  • Tip #2: Get rid of bird droppings or bug juice ASAP.

    Bug juice and bird droppings should be cleaned off as soon as possible because they are highly acidic, causing great damage on the fabric. Plus, these stains can become hard to remove as time passes. As a spot cleaner, keep a bottle of salt-free seltzer water inside your car. Once birds drop a surprise on the top, spray the affected area with the seltzer water. This solution, which is simply carbon dioxide and water, is effective as a first-aid solution against bird droppings and bug juice but won't harm the fabric. Once you're home, you can then give the soiled soft top a proper cleaning by using a PH-neutral car wash or other fabric top care products.

    Tip #3: Use sticky paper tape to remove lint.

    This is an important fabric top care tip since accumulation of lint and dust can dull and tarnish the look of your soft top. To prevent this, use sticky paper tape to effectively remove lint and dust particles without scratching the fabric.

    Tip #4: Restore your faded soft top.

    Just because your vehicle's soft top has faded, it doesn't mean that you have to chuck it out and get a new one. If the damage isn't that severe, you can still re-dye the fabric by applying a soft top reviver. A good reviver is a water-based dye that you can easily apply with an air brush, sponge, or regular brush. In just two to three hours, a revived fabric will look good as new.

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