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Is your bike's fairing starting to look like a withered, old man? Then restore it to its former glory by giving it a thorough and proper clean. With the right cleaning and polishing techniques and products, you should be able to enjoy your motorcycle fairings for many years. Here are some tips:

1. Never use abrasive tools when cleaning the fairings.

Tools such as sponges and paper towels shouldn't be used when cleaning your bike because these are all abrasive and can easily scratch the surface you're cleaning. And once the surface finish has been tarnished or damaged, scratch and swirl marks will start to build up, ruining your bike's good looks. To effectively clean your bike, use a microfiber cloth or a wash mitt that can remove dirt or grime buildup but won't scratch the shiny surface.

2. Get rid of bug juice ASAP.

Nothing ruins a fairing faster than bug juice. Because this protective shell is usually installed on your bike's front end to reduce air drag, it's regularly exposed to plenty of bug juice or bird droppings. Unfortunately, these droppings contain chemicals that can easily break down your ride's paint or finish. To prevent this from happening, wipe off bug gunk as soon as you spot them. Allowing the bug juice to build up will only make it harder to remove. A good technique is to dip a non-abrasive rag in warm water and then use it to wipe off the bug juice before applying the cleaning solution or soap. The steam coming from the warm cloth will soften up the buildup, making it easier to remove with any bike cleaner.

3. Apply a protective polish.

After washing the fairing, coat it with a protective polish to keep it smudge-, rust-, and dust-free for a longer period. With a fair amount of coating, you can get away with not giving your bike a thorough clean every week. This makes maintenance more manageable if you're a busy biker.

4. Read the product label when shopping for a bike wash.

Before you grab the first bike wash bottle you see, make sure it doesn't contain harsh ingredients that can damage your ride's paint or finish. You wouldn't want to clean your bike and then damage it afterwards because you used the wrong cleaning product.

5. Avoid washing the fairing under direct sunlight.

When washing the fairing or your bike, make sure you're inside a well-ventilated area. Keep in mind that washing under direct sunlight will easily dry off the polish or bike soap even before you're finished with each cleaning step.

6. Don't use a pressure hose.

A regular hose should be enough when cleaning the fairing since this is fairly a small accessory. Using a pressure hose is unnecessary and can sometimes cause more harm than good if you accidentally pressure-hosed a water-sensitive component.

7. Never use a dish cleaner when cleaning your bike.

Whether you're cleaning the bike or just the fairing, never use the dish cleaner. That bottle of dish cleaner on your kitchen may look tempting especially if you don't want to shell out cash for a bike cleaner, but don't use it. The ingredients on your regular dish soap can break down the bike paint, leading to a more expensive repaint job. So if you want to give your bike a proper clean, invest in the right products.