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Fender Flare Trim

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How would you like to add some sparkle on the plain and boring wheel well openings of your vehicle? With a fender flare trim set, your fenders will no longer have to look dull. You can add some style and accent to create a custom look for your ride. These accessories not only add a touch of style. They also protect the wheel well openings. They help keep the paint free from damage against stones, road debris, mud, and dirt.

You don't always have to go big on your car makeover or restoration. You can start with the finer details. And if you think a new set of fender trims is the way to go, we have here some tips to help you browse through the right options.

Things to consider when buying a fender flare trim


Fender trims can be made of metal, plastic, stainless steel, or aluminum. The good thing about stainless steel is that it doesn't corrode or rust. It's also durable. Plastic trims are another popular option. They're also not susceptible to rust and corrosion and are light in weight. Plastic, however, isn't as tough as metal. Aluminum trims are lightweight as well and are not prone to rust or corrode unlike metal parts, but compared to steel trims, they have a lower tensile strength. They can be a bit difficult to fix. Repairing dents on steel is a lot easier. Painting aluminum trims can also be tricky.

When picking the right fender flare trim, consider not just the material used but also the design and finish for the overall look.


Fender trims are available in 1/2, 3/4, and full designs. The length varies depending on the vehicle model. The design you get should be according to the vehicle's specs, whether the fender or wheel well opening requires a half, 3-quarter, or full trim design. The trim should fit easily to the fender, matching its contours, shape, and size. Some trims are designed as replacements for the old or damaged fender accessories, restoring the original look of the fender area. These replacements are OE comparable in quality and style. Aftermarket fender trims, on the other hand, offer a wide variety of options in terms of style, color, material, and finish. These can be custom fit for trucks, vans, cars, and SUVs.

Color and finish options include the following: polished, primed, textured black, dark gray, chrome, and black. Choose a style that best complements the look of your vehicle.


Some trims can be fitted easily and can be mounted using clips or other types of hardware that are included in the package. You won't have to bend, cut, or drill anything. Others, however, would require you to drill on the wheel well's underside. Make sure that the fender flare trim set you'll get comes with instructions and has the complete hardware for installation. Some may even come with a rubber seal guard for added protection. These trims shouldn't leave any noticeable marks or holes on the fender upon installation.

Whether you'll order a complete set or just a few pieces, be specific with the fender flare trim location when you order so that you can get the right pieces for the front or rear fender, or for the passenger or driver side.