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If you're thinking of getting your motorcycle a new upgrade, why not consider getting it a fender tip? Fender tips may seem like they're only added for aesthetic purposes. But in reality, this customization accessory is added not only to give your bike a new look, but it can also serve as a protective cover that will shield your fenders from damage-causing elements. And as you know, you and your motorcycle are constantly exposed to these elements every time you go out for a ride. So, if you want an accessory that's double can both improve and protect your bike.check this brief buying and installation guide below to find out what kind of fender tips you should be looking for.

Things to Consider When Buying Fender Tips

When buying a fender tip, there are several things that you need to consider to ensure that you get the right one. Here are some of them:

  • Standard vs. Custom - The first thing that you need to consider when buying fender tips is whether your fenders are factory stock pieces or customized. If you've never changed your fenders since the day that you bought your bike, then you can choose from the wide array of standard aftermarket fender tips available in the market. On the other hand, customized fenders will necessitate customized fender tips.
  • Drilled vs. Applied - There are basically two ways to attach a fender tip on a bike. The first one is by drilling and the second one is through applying it using adhesive. Drilled fender tips are a bit more stable in terms of its attachment to the bike. They are usually equipped with tabs, which will determine how the holes will be drilled during installation. On the other hand, applied fender tips can easily be installed on the bike using industrial adhesive to hold the component in place.

Installing an Applied Fender Tip

Here's a general guide that will help you install fender tips using adhesive. Note that some of the steps below may not be applicable or may be different depending on the motorcycle that you have.

Step 1: Before you begin installation, it would be best to measure the size of the fender tips to make sure that they match the component.

Step 2: Once you're sure about the fit, park your bike on a flat-level surface and then turn the ignition off.

Step 3: When your bike has cooled down, use soapy water to clean the installation area. Clean up the grease, debris, oil, dirt, and other contaminants that may minimize the strength of the part that you are going to install. Then, allow the component to air dry.

Step 4: When it's dry, use the alcohol cleaning pad included in the tip kit to clean it again and allow it to air dry again.

Step 5: After that, remove the adhesive strip from the fender tip and mount it on the fender. Activate the adhesive of the tip by rubbing it to the fenders of your bike a couple of times. Take note that full bonding will only occur after 24 hours.