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Fire Extinguisher Mount

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It's not enough that you have an auto-rated fire extinguisher with you. You must also have a neat holder for this so that in case there's fire, you won't lose track of the extinguisher and lose your mind in sheer panic. With a fire extinguisher that's easy to reach and highly visible, you can respond to the emergency readily; you can stop the fire within a few seconds or minutes. The fire extinguisher holder must be specially designed to provide stability, convenience, ease of use, and safety. To get a fire extinguisher holder that meets all these requirements, here are some questions to ask when browsing through the selection:

How much weight can it hold?

Consider the weight of the fire extinguisher you'll be strapping onto the vehicle. Make sure that the fire extinguisher holder can support this much weight. For instance, you may buy a holder that can carry a 2.5- or 3-lb. fire extinguisher. Check the load capacity of the holder to be sure.

Is it safe and easy to use?

The holder should secure the extinguisher in place, and to be able to do so, it should be built with heavy-duty straps (like the thick nylon web type) and hooks and loop fasteners or Velcro. The straps should be adjustable so it would be easy to secure the extinguisher in place and make sure that it's held tightly. The holder should also be easy to mount on the roll cage or any other location. Consider the design to see if it's practical and convenient.

Does it fit?

Get a fire extinguisher holder that fits the roll bar, whether it comes padded or without padding, or any other place where the holder will be attached. Some straps are sized perfectly for padded roll bars; others are best used on un-padded tubes. Check not just the weight capacity but also the size to make sure that it will be a snug fit. If you have a 12-in. long extinguisher, for instance, it should be able to secure the device, considering its width and length.

Is it easy to remove?

The fire extinguisher holder shouldn't only be easy to attach but also convenient to remove. You shouldn't have a hard time taking it off when needed, like when you're washing your Jeep auto or doing other modifications. It should also be easy for you to move the holder to another location or spot. Still, even if the holder is easy to remove, it should not fall off or come loose when attached to the roll bar or any other place in the vehicle.

Is it tough and durable?

Get a holder that's made from top-quality materials such as heavy-duty Velcro, thick nylon web straps, or neoprene body. The accessory should be made to withstand common weather and road elements such as rain, snow, dirt, road salt, and extreme temperatures.

Do some comparison shopping to find out which design and features will best match your expectations and preference. This will help you find the best-priced fire extinguisher holder based on its specs.

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