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Decals, trims, fancy car lights, sunshields, decorative air scoops, custom grilles, and windshield stickers.there are so many ways to accentuate a car. While some restorers and DIYers choose to modify their cars with these accessories, others do it with miniature flags. The modification process is easy and all that's needed is a good flag mount.

These flags can be a great way to show team spirit. If you're a sports fanatic, you can hang flags of your favorite football, baseball, or basketball team. You can find team brands and symbols for the Baltimore Ravens, New York Jets, Miami Heat, LA Lakers, Chicago White Sox, New York Yankees, and a whole bunch of other league franchises.

If you think of yourself as a modern-day patriot, you can hang a flag of your country. Advocates can also raise awareness by hanging flags with logos or mottos of the organization that they're supporting. You can have one customized for any special needs or for the design you have in mind. These flags can be hung from the antenna and interior ceiling or even mounted on the windows, fender, and the car hood. To do that, you would need a sturdy flag mount that will hold the pole upright and keep the flag secured, even when the vehicle is blasting through the highway.

Buying a new mount for the car flag

  • Consider the length of the pole, size, and other flag details when searching for a mount (like if the flag is supposed to be mounted on the fender or hood or should be hanging from the antenna, window, or interior ceiling). You'd want a mount that can hold the pole perfectly well, making sure that the rod or stick won't bend or sway as the vehicle runs.
  • Look for a durable flag mount. The most reliable mounts you can probably find are made from high-quality billet aluminum (6061 and 7075). The material may be light, but it's sturdy. It won't easily break, rust, corrode, tear, or crack.
  • Use a mount that will directly fit the vehicle. This mount can easily be installed on the hood, window, or any other part of the auto body where you want to display the flags.
  • Get a mount that's polished. It would be nice to use a mount that has a glossy or mirror-like finish. This can be a good accent for your car. A polished flag mount would also blend well with the rest of the exterior accessories.
  • Check the style or design of the mount you will buy. Some mounts are designed as a seat mount. They can be attached to the vehicle using a seat bolt on the fender. Drilling may be required in other mounts, so make sure you know how the mount can be attached and used.

Apart from looking for the right flag mount features, style, and size, you would also want to get the most reasonably priced item out there. Flag holders and mounts may cost as little as 10 USD to as much as 50 USD, depending on the brand, style, and the vehicle. Shop around for the best auto parts deals and prices.