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Floor Pan Repair Panel

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Your dusty sandals, muddy boots, wet sneakers, and crummy rubber shoes can drag in moisture and dirt inside the immaculately clean car interior. Water from slush, rain, mud, and snow can get through the lush carpet, along with stuck grime in the sole of your shoes. After some time, moisture, road film, salt, and gunk can find their way right into the floor pan, developing rust and corrosion that can weaken and eat away at the metal. The once solid flooring of the vehicle can tear apart. When it comes to this, you won't have to strip off the entire floor pan and put your sheet metal repair skills to extreme test. A floor pan repair panel can be used to fix rusted and corroded sections of the floor, keeping the dented and ruined floor pan as good as new.

Fixing the damaged floor pan with repair panels is like completing a jigsaw just have to put all the right pieces together to solve the problem. To get the perfect piece/s in this repair puzzle, you have to keep these things in mind:


Some repair panels are specific to certain types of vehicles, like VW Beetles for instance. Custom-fit panels are trimmed to fit the contours of the vehicle, with floor pan to body area in mind. They can be easily aligned into the damaged sections of the floor pan. The panels should be for the right application or location. Front panels shouldn't be mixed with rear ones, for example. Also take note if the panels are to be installed on the driver's or passenger's side. In some repair panels, the size of the floor pan that will be covered or rebuilt is even specified. For instance, the floor pan repair panel may be used to patch up to 7 inches of the damaged floor pan while also restoring the sills.


Floor panels should be made of heavy-duty steel. Some panels are made from tougher materials than the ones used on the flooring of your vehicle. These are meant to survive the harsh elements they are often exposed to. Panels that are constructed out of die cast steel are great repair solutions for rusted and corroded car flooring. Meanwhile, the best floor pan repair panel has protective coating to resist agents that cause the metal to weaken. This may be primer painted or coated to prevent rust.


Some floor panels can be installed using screws. Others require welding or may be riveted. You should know how your chosen floor pan repair panel can be installed so that you'll have an idea if DIY is an option or if you need to pay a professional to fix the damaged pan for you. Installation may require tools other than a screwdriver, drill, or a socket wrench. You may need a rivet gun or a welder, for example. If the panel doesn't match the cut-out portions, you may also need to do some trimming using metal snips, grinders, saws, or other cutting tools. In some cases, the panel needs to be sealed with epoxy filler and has to be painted.


A floor pan repair panel may cost from as little as 20USD to more than 100USD. This mostly depends on the size of the panel, construction (materials used and other features like special coating against rust), and the brand. For minimal damage on the floor pan, a smaller sized panel should be used, so you won't be wasting any sheet metal for repair. If some parts of the floor pan already seem to rust or have signs of wear, then these should be patched up with a larger-sized floor pan repair panel.