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We pride ourselves on having the best selection of Flowtech parts and accessories. Whether you are looking for universal or custom fit Flowtech products, we have them all. Enter the make, model, and year of your vehicle for a more custom selection of Flowtech parts or choose from the list below.

Flowtech Brand Articles

  • Flowtech: A Leader in Performance Exhaust Parts

    Aftermarket exhaust components are a dime a dozen in the market, but when it comes to performance-grade exhaust parts, no other name garners more respect than Flowtech. For more than two decades, Flowtech has produced value-priced performance exhaust components for a wide variety of vehicle makes and models. Its catalog features a wide range of products, ranging from high-temperature ceramic headers to horsepower-boosting mufflers, that can be fitted on select cars and trucks.


    Flowtech Exhaust was founded in 1994 by Gary Biggs with a single goal in mind: delivering high-quality performance exhaust at a great value. And in just a few short years, Flowtech has risen from the ranks as a brand that offered rugged performance exhaust parts with similarly aggressive names like Raptor, Terminator, and Warlock. But Flowtech\'s parts are more than just bite, as they featured simple yet effective improvements such as slotted port flanges and dimpled tubes that allowed for easier installation and prevent exhaust leaks. Flowtech\'s headers, in particular, also paved the way for separating the odd firing cylinders with a velocity tube to improve scavenging and increase power on the track. It is these innovations that have made Flowtech products win various industry accolades including the esteemed SEMA Best New Product award in 1996.

    Today, Flowtech has set its sights on manufacturing value-focused exhaust products for late-model cars and trucks. Flowtech headers, X-pipes, and other exhaust components are now available for Mustangs, Camaros, and all types of gasoline- and diesel-powered trucks. The brand is also the recipient of continuous product updates and improvements to its manufacturing processes that keep it ahead from the rest of the pack in both performance and cost.


    Flowtech offers two key product lines: exhaust headers and mufflers. Flowtech\'s headers are designed for hot rods and street rods in mind, allowing for maximum flow of exhaust and a compact design for maximum clearance and minimal work area. High-end specialized versions also have distinct advantages such as long transition collectors and corrosion-resistant hi-silicon-moly ductile. All headers also have machined flanges for a leak free seal.

    Flowtech mufflers, on the other hand, offer a more aggressive sound, better exhaust performance, or a combination of both. These mufflers utilize a unique sound rib case design and an aluminized lock seal construction that keeps the noise and exhaust strictly within the chamber. But where Flowtech\'s mufflers really shine is in its high-output free flowing flow tubes which provide better horsepower and mileage. The muffler\'s unique design also has a low restriction profile that greatly reduces harmful backpressure.

    A Holley Performance Brand

    Flowtech is one of many brands under the esteemed Holley family of automotive performance parts. With more than 100 years\' experience in the industry, Holley is the undisputed leader of fuel system components, including fuel pumps, intake manifolds, and engine dress-up products, that are suited for both everyday commuting to high performance racing applications. Holley\'s products, along with Flowtech\'s exhaust parts, can be found in professional racing circuits such as NASCAR and NHRA.