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Is your car's fog lights starting to dim a bit? Or maybe it takes a few more seconds.a bit longer than before.for the bulb to light up as you switch it on. Whatever the case, you need to take a closer look at the fog light bulb and see if it's showing signs of wear and tear. If the bulb is blown out, replace it as soon as possible. Here's how to install a new one and get your fog lights up and running in no time:

Step 1: Prep up your car.

As with any automotive installation, make sure that you've disconnected the battery cables , the vehicle is parked at a leveled surface, and the parking brake is engaged.

Step 2: Locate the fog light assembly.

Pop up the hood and find where the fog light is installed. They're usually located just below the headlights. However, the exact position will depend on your car make and model, so better consult your vehicle manual.

Step 3: Disconnect the fog light from the power system.

Detach the clip that connects the fog light switch to the housing to disconnect the fog light from your car's power system.

Step 4: Remove the old fog light bulb.

Remove the fog light from the back of the housing by squeezing the release tab that locks the bulb's ballast in place. Then twist the old bulb counterclockwise and lift it off the assembly.

Step 5: Insert the new fog light bulb.

Place the new light bulb in place and twist it clockwise to lock it in position. Then reconnect the fog light into the power system. Don't forget to switch on the ignition and see if the new bulb works.

Things worth keeping in mind

  • Never touch the bulb with your bare hands since the oil from your skin can easily contaminate the bulb and lead to premature burn out. The worst thing that could happen is if the bulb becomes contaminated, it can explode while inside the lamp as it reaches normal operating temperatures.
  • When planning to upgrade your fog lights by using a different bulb type (eg: from halogen to LED or HID), make sure that the replacement part you choose is legal in your state. Also double-check if your current fog light assembly can handle the amount of light emitted by the new bulb. Keep in mind that some LED and HID bulbs might not work with halogen lamps because they emit a brighter light.
  • When choosing a new fog light bulb type, keep in mind that a halogen bulb is the cheapest and is widely available. However, it easily burns out more compared to its LED and HID counterparts. If you want a new bulb that emits light that's more similar to daytime light, go for an HID bulb. However, if you have the extra cash and you want a bulb with a longer lifespan, opt for an LED replacement.
  • To make sure you get the right replacement fog light bulb, you can either get the part number that's found on the old bulb's base or bring the faulty bulb into any auto parts store for comparison.