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  • Ford Contour: Fixing the EGR Valve and Passages

    The Ford Contour is a compact four-door sedan that was in production from 1995 to 2000. It was sold in North America as the regional variant of the Ford Mondeo sedan targeted at the European market. Unfortunately for the Contour, the 2000 model year failed to produce record-braking sales, forcing Ford to stop manufacturing this line with only five years of production. Meanwhile, Contour owners experience a lit Check Engine Light due to problems with the EGR valve and passagesa common issue across all six model years. Here are the temporary and permanent solutions to the EGR valve problem.

    Clean the EGR passages

    Checking if the EGR passages are clogged should be one of the mandatory steps once the Check Engine Light indicator lights up. This is because poor performance will be experienced when the air is partially restricted from flowing through the EGR valve. Over time, the passages on your EGR valve can accumulate carbon buildup, which is responsible for disrupting the normal air cycle.

    To begin cleaning, remove the EGR valve along with the passages. Removing the buildup that clogs up the passages, as well as the dirt that has accumulated on the surface, will be more effective when using a solvent. It is also recommended to blow out stubborn buildup with compressed air to ensure that nothing will further restrict the air flow once the components are reinstalled. When the valve and the passages have been returned to their positions, reset the ECU. Doing these steps should restore the normal air circulation through the EGR valve and passages.

    Replace the EGR valve

    There are cases when simply removing the buildup in the EGR passages will not solve the problem and therefore will leave the Check Engine Light turned on. If you have already performed the necessary steps in cleaning the passage, then it is essential to check the condition of your Contour\'s EGR valve. Getting the P0404 code confirms that the EGR valve is not moving correctly. If this is the case, then replacing it is the best solution.

    When replacing the EGR valve, you can either have a professional mechanic do it or you can take care of the process by yourself. Also a part of this process is choosing the replacement EGR valve part and making sure that it has a perfect fit with the Ford Contour. Giving a prime importance on the quality of the new EGR valve will pay off in the long run.

    Remove and shake the EGR valve

    If buying a new EGR valve is not of high priority, then doing this temporary fix should get the job done. It has been observed that when you remove the EGR valve and shake it a bit, the valve manages to operate normally after it is reinstalled in the system. However, keep in mind that this action will not repair the EGR valve nor ensure smooth air flow in the passages. Instead, this band-aid solution should only be performed possibly while waiting for the replacement part.