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Ford E-250 Econoline Parts And Ford E-250 Econoline Accessories

Below you'll find a wide variety of Ford E-250 Econoline parts and accessories. Enter the year of your Ford E-250 Econoline to get a more customized product set. And remember, with our industry leading 30-day Guarantee, you can ensure you're shopping with a trusted partner.

Ford E-250 Econoline Parts

Ford E-250 Econoline Articles

  • How to Deal With Ejected Spark Plugs in the Ford E-250 Econoline

    The Ford E-250 Econoline van is one of Ford\'s more successful models, thanks to its comparatively cheap operating and maintenance costs. But as successful as it is, the E-250 does have its own unique set of problems. In particular, the Ford E-250 and other Econoline vans have been reported to experience ejections of the engine spark plugs. In such cases, the spark plugs come loose from their mounting on cylinder head, sometimes to the point that the plugs are spat out violently from the cylinder head.

    What causes the plugs to pop out?

    There is still no confirmed reason why spark plugs in Fords eject from the cylinder, although it has been attributed to a number of factors. Many blame the 4-thread aluminum construction of the stock spark plug casing, as aluminum wears out faster compared to steel casings used in other spark plugs. Others also argue that the spark plugs have been tightened too much or too little at the assembly line, causing the plugs to vibrate and wear down the aluminum threads that hold them in place on the cylinder. And once the thread wears out, the engine\'s internal pressure will push the spark plugs out.

    Regardless of the reasons why Ford\'s plugs eject from the engine, it must be addressed immediately because of the serious danger it poses to you and the van. Once a plug pops out, fuel vapor can escape from the hole and get ignited by the loose spark plug. In fact, there have been several reports of engine fires caused by ejected or blown plugs.

    Warranty issues

    If the stock plugs in your E-250 have started to blow out or eject, you might want to check first if you are still covered by the warranty. Ford has acknowledged the problem through a technical service bulletin explaining the ejections as caused by the threads being improperly torqued. If the van is still covered by the warranty, Ford suggests having the cylinder head replaced in the nearest accredited dealership. However, if the van is already past its warranty, the automaker has suggested using thread inserts to repair the cylinder head.

    Fixing and preventing ejections

    The NHTSA has yet to announce an investigation on the reported spark plugs ejection issues on Ford vehicles, so until a recall has been issued, the next best step to take is to prevent the plugs from popping out of the engine. Ford recommends placing steel threaded inserts in between the cylinder head and spark plug, creating a snug fit that prevents the plugs from ejecting. Many Ford E-250 Econoline owners have also found HeliCoil kits to be successful in keeping the plugs in place. Another solution is to replace the cylinder head completely with an aftermarket one that\'s made of stronger alloys, although this can be expensive and time-consuming.


    When reattaching spark plugs, make sure to tighten them and not simply re-tap them into place. Re-tapping the spark plugs will only cause further damage to the spark plug threads, making them even more likely to come loose from the cylinder head.