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  • Signs of Transmission Failure on a Ford F-350

    The Ford F-350 was first offered in 1979, and it continues to improve as the year progresses. Many owners of this truck claim that it has a super pulling power, great body style, massive torque, and plenty of space, which is perfect for cargo. Some owners even said that it was the toughest truck that Ford had ever built. But regardless of these excellent characteristics of your Ford F-350, you will still need to watch out for any signs of transmission failure. Be sure to take note of these to save you from paying for more expensive repairs in the future.

    Burning smell

    Burning smell is caused by excessive friction or if the transmission has gone bad. The transmission system should be kept cool and lubricated with the aid of the transmission fluid. The transmission fluid will help the parts not to wear and get damaged easily. If the fluid breaks down, it will cause the system to overheat due to increased friction and corrosive activity. As soon as you notice this kind of smell, immediately inspect your transmission fluid level. If the fluid level is very low, then you may suspect that there\'s a leak since your vehicle doesn\'t necessarily consume transmission fluid quickly. Immediately fix the leak and then change or flush the fluid if needed. This burning smell should be taken seriously to avoid road accidents that can be fatal. Do not forget to use the appropriate fluid brand or type for your Ford F-350.

    Grinding or shaking

    A car that is in good condition is not supposed to shake nor grind. If you happen to experience these unwanted grinding and shaking, then these only suggest that you got a problem with your transmission. Observe if the grinding and shaking happen after you shift and engage the clutch. If so, then you need to inspect your clutch if it needs to be adjusted or already needs a replacement. Also, make sure that the fluid is at the right level and has a correct thickness. Low fluid level and incorrect thickness and consistency can result in difficulty of changing gears that can probably lead to grinding and shaking. If the difficulty of changing gears doesn\'t have a connection with the fluid, try resetting your Ford F-350\'s computer. You may do this by disengaging the battery and letting your car stand for at least thirty minutes. After that, you can reattach the battery and let the system to reset itself. If all of the above doesn\'t solve the problems, then it\'s time for you to seek advice from a professional mechanic.

    Humming and whining noise

    These unwanted and annoying sounds are just one of the common signs of a transmission failure that should not be taken for granted. If these sounds are produced when you are shifting gears, then most likely the problem lies within your Ford F-350\'s transmission. Check your torque converter because it is often to blame when these sounds occur when shifting gears.

    As soon as you notice these common signs of a transmission failure, inform your nearest transmission repair shop immediately. Delaying the repair can cause further damage and more expensive repairs over time.