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Ford F-550 Super Duty Parts And Ford F-550 Super Duty Accessories

Below you'll find a wide variety of Ford F-550 Super Duty parts and accessories. Enter the year of your Ford F-550 Super Duty to get a more customized product set. And remember, with our industry leading 30-day Guarantee, you can ensure you're shopping with a trusted partner.

Ford F-550 Super Duty Parts

Ford F-550 Super Duty Articles

  • Ford F-550 Super Duty: Dealing with Flaking in Fuel Tanks

    The Ford F-550 belongs to the Ford Super Duty line, which boasts a heavier, larger built for pickup trucks. It continues to be in production with the chassis cab slated for the fourth-generation F-550, which was unveiled in 2015. This truck, with the power and strength as its main features, apparently has its share of weaknesses. One of the most common for this model is the flaking in the Super Duty\'s fuel tank. Consumers have reported power loss and debris-clogged fuel filters due to the delamination of the truck\'s diesel tank. Here are some solutions to this problem.

    Replace the fuel tank

    The excessive delamination of the fuel tanks installed on several F-550 models can lead to an engine failure. This is the reason replacing it is the best way to solve the problem. Many consumers who have already exchanged the stock fuel tank for a new one have not experienced the same problem since the replacement. However, simply switching to the same Ford-manufactured fuel tank is not exactly the brightest choice. Not only will the new fuel tank and the replacement processif done in a repair shopbe costly, but also the guarantee that the new fuel tank will be free of flaking will be slim.

    When replacing the fuel tank, it is advised to opt for aftermarket tanks that are compatible with the F-550 model. There are several replacement fuel tank products that have been proved to be immune to delamination. Moreover, opting for this choice will cost less as compared to purchasing a new Ford fuel tank. Replacing the fuel filters, lines, and other related components are also advised to ensure that the system is free from any debris.

    Boil out the tank using sodium hydroxide

    A more affordable solution is to have your tank boiled out in a sodium hydroxide solution. This workaround requires the removal of the fuel tank by competent mechanics. Bringing your truck to a radiator shop for this process has been recommended by several F-550 owners, but keep in mind to be extra cautious when choosing which shops to perform this procedure.

    Boiling the tank using the sodium hydroxide solution will remove the inner lining that tends to get peeled overtime. Once the lining has been stripped off, the tank will be flushed out and cleaned with steam. A new coating will be applied evenly on the surface by turning the tank while the liquid syrup is poured. This process requires three days for the new lining to settle and the tank to be ready for use.

    Avoid corrosive gasoline

    While Ford\'s claims that the bio-diesel is at fault are highly contested by consumers, it is worth noting to stay away from this product and other corrosive gasoline if you plan to stick to the stock fuel tank. According to Ford, bio-diesel causes this problem and that switching to another product will prevent another case of a fuel tank delamination or flaking. Do take note, however, that owners of F-550 have already confirmed that bio-diesel is not likely to be the culprit and that Ford\'s fuel tanks made of poor materials should be blamed for the tanks\' delamination or flaking.