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Below you'll find a wide variety of Ford Falcon parts and accessories. Enter the year of your Ford Falcon to get a more customized product set. And remember, with our industry leading 30-day Guarantee, you can ensure you're shopping with a trusted partner.

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  • Most Reported Problems with the Ford Falcon

    Introduced in 2008, the Ford Falcon has a reliable engine and smooth handling that everyone would want in their car. While it is not recommended for those who want a fuel-economic vehicle, this car still wins at everything else, including the build quality. However, the Falcon has been riddled with problems since it first came out, and if you\'re looking to buy one, it\'s important to know these issues so you\'ll be prepared to deal with them just in case.

    Faulty cruise control

    Some Ford Falcon owners have reported that the cruise control in their car sometimes fail to work. This is usually an intermittent problem and many drivers have no idea what triggers the component to stop working. However, it turns out that the cruise control really works that way. Try to observe when your cruise control usually stops engaging, if it\'s usually when you drive uphill, then it means that the engine is working too hard. When it doesn\'t seem to work while you drive downhill and you have to ride the brakes to stop going even faster, that\'s a normal feature, too. The cruise control is designed to reduce speed to idle; it\'s not programmed to activate the brakes. However, if it doesn\'t engage even when you\'re driving on a flat road, then that\'s when you need to start troubleshooting. Check the fuse, the brake lights, and then under the hood.

    Leaky exhaust

    Another problem complained about by Ford Falcon owners is that the exhaust tends to leak in the engine compartment. Although exhaust systems tend to last for up to seven years before you need to start replacing some parts, the Ford Falcon\'s exhaust sometimes fails sooner than that. This is usually the case when the car has been exposed to a lot of winter salt or is frequently driven on short trips. You will usually know that your car has an exhaust leak if you can hear a noise from the exhaust, but this doesn\'t always happen. To find out if there is a leak in the engine compartment, you have no other choice but to do your regular inspection of the exhaust system.

    Other problems you might encounter

    While the Ford Falcon\'s engine is pretty much bulletproof, it does tend to have problems with its other components. Some owners have complained about the car\'s electronic management system, in which the air conditioning only works at a certain temperature. The system also tends to not sync with the owner\'s mobile phones properly. Aside from this, the transmission can also be a cause for concern. The five-speed transmission tends to hesitate when you shift and sometimes clunks into gear. This also happens to the six-speed as well. You can fix this problem by getting it calibrated but it will also result in your engine losing a bit of power to soften the calibration\'s harshness. Some Falcons also had problems with the transmission oil cooler failing, which allows the coolant into the system and ultimately causing it to fail. To fix this, you need to install an external cooler and bypass the factory component.