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  • Problems with the Ford Freestyle: How to Deal with its Poor Throttle Response and Faulty Check Engine Light

    The Ford Taurus X, also known as the Ford Freestyle, is a series of crossover utility vehicles sold by the Ford Company from 2005-2009. As a replacement of the station wagon of a similar name (the Ford Taurus), the Freestyle was made with a single body style that could seat from six up to seven passengers. When the Taurus was reintroduced in 2008, this Taurus was renamed the Taurus X to differentiate it from its predecessor\'s line. In regards to the issue \"Ford Freestyle Check Engine Light and Poor Throttle Response\", it\'s a problem that happens within the average mileage of 55,000 to 230,040 miles.

    The Indicators and Symptoms of the Issue

    Essentially, whenever the wrench light comes on, the car loses power or stalls as though it\'s not getting any gas. Your throttle also becomes less responsive. This is especially dangerous because someone could get seriously injured if his Ford Freestyle were to stall in the middle of the highway. It could cause an accident or a multi-collision car wreck.

    At the very least, it\'s highly inconvenient to get a stalling vehicle with poor throttle response in the middle of nowhere, with the nearest gas station miles away. You might even have to shell out money for a towing company to get your car out of the road. As soon as your check light goes off and your engine dies, you should send your vehicle to your nearest dealership. The three model years of the Ford Taurus X that\'s affected are 2005, 2006, and 2007.

    Causes and Diagnosis of Poor Throttle Response

    The check engine or wrench light mostly serves as a red flag that your electronic throttle body (ETB) is defective. Immediately after it lights up, you\'ll get little to no throttle response from your Ford Freestyle or Taurus X (as opposed to it lighting up for some other problem that doesn\'t affect your throttle body at all).

    You could pull over and restart the car in order to get control of your throttle back every time, but this is just a temporary solution to a failing car part. Also, you might have a hard time starting it up once it begins to really fail. The more you ignore this problem, the worse it gets and the more frequently it happens.

    The Likeliest Solution to Your Dilemma

    According to experience, technicians recommend that you replace the ETB post-haste because it\'s the main method of correcting this throttle issue. Replacing the throttle body could cost you from $530 to $640 (some are as expensive as $871) depending on your dealership rates, the price for the part at present, the availability of said part, or the extent of the damage. This doesn\'t include labor (which could cost you upwards of $300).

    As such, it could cost you a grand total of $830 to $940 (or even $1,171) depending on where you have your Taurus X fixed and how much the parts and labor would cost. A bit of car insurance can go a long way as well as getting this corrected as soon as it occurs. Shopping around for affordable parts might also help in lowering the cost.