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  • Simple Fix for Intermittent Windshield Wiper Problems on Ford Ranger

    Through the years, the Ford Ranger was mostly left unchanged. Sure, there were styling and interior overhauls over the decade; but, that\'s about it. Despite that, the Ranger is not quite as out of date as its competitors. It can still give you an edge on the road, performance and functionality-wise. But, if you will be driving an older Ford Ranger model, expect to have issues. Like any other vehicles, some of its parts will have regular wear and tear. A malfunctioning windshield wiper is among the common problems of Ranger owners. The wipers are functioning intermittently or will only function at certain operating speeds. This problem is not very hard to fix though and you can simply do it in your own garage.

    Is it the switch? Clean it.

    In most intermittent windshield wiper cases on the Ford Ranger, a switch that needs cleaning is the culprit. This one is easy enough to fix; you don\'t even need to remove your vehicle\'s turn signal from the steering column to do it. Also, it will only take you about ten minutes. First thing to do is to remove the end cap on the turn signal lever using a small screwdriver. Then, remove the Phillips screw which is located under the end cap. Just a heads up, there is a spring that push back against the wiper rotating knob; you need to hold the wiper switch so the spring won\'t go flying. Also, there is another small spring pushing the detents inside the knob so watch out for that as well.

    At this point, you can now see the switch wiper; it will be mounted to a white plastic piece that you can pull out. Once you pull out the switch, gently clean everything inside especially the panel that looks like a circuit board. You can use a rag and small screwdriver to clean the board inside. Make sure to be very careful when cleaning the gaps. Remove all traces of grease. After that, you can now reassemble the switch.

    Have you checked the windshield wiper motor? Test it.

    If you\'ve already cleaned the switch of your Ford Ranger\'s windshield wiper and still encounters the intermittent issue, you may want to look at the wiper motor next. It is advisable to run a component testing on your vehicle\'s wiper motor by checking it both on high and low speed operation. First, check high speed operation. Do this by turning the ignition off and disconnecting the wiper motor linkage and harness connector from the motor. Using a jumper wire, connect the battery ground to the wiper motor terminal (Black wire terminal). Get another wire jumper and an in-line ammeter; connect these to the (Dark Blue/Orange) wiper motor terminal. The amps should read at 5.5 and the motor should operate at high speed; likewise, it should get fewer amps when the linkage is disconnected.

    If the wiper motor operates normally during the high speed test, you can now proceed to testing it at low speed operation. Do this by moving the battery voltage lead from the Dark Blue/Orange terminal to the white wire terminal. The wiper motor should operate at low speed and draw 3.5 amps or less.

    Has the wiper motor failed? Remove and replace it.

    Replacing the wiper motor is also a simple task you can do at home. The first step is to turn the ignition and the wipers on. Use the ignition switch to stop the wipers when the blades are at vertical position. You can now remove the wiper arms. Then, disconnect the negative battery terminal and unplug the motor connector.

    The next step is for you to remove the right linkage access cover and unsnap the wiper linkage clip from the wiper motor shaft. Push the clip away from linkage until it clears nib on the crank pin. Then, disengage the wiper linkage from the motor crank pin. You can now remove the nuts and the wiper motor. To install the new motor, just reverse the removal process and ensure that the clip is securely seated. You also need to keep in mind that every time the wiper motor is replaced, all the other components in the wiper system need to be checked and all the parts should be properly lubricated.