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Below you'll find a wide variety of Ford Thunderbird parts and accessories. Enter the year of your Ford Thunderbird to get a more customized product set. And remember, with our industry leading 30-day Guarantee, you can ensure you're shopping with a trusted partner.

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  • Figure out Whats Wrong When a Ford Thunderbird Runs Rough

    During the 1950s, the Blue Oval decided to create a whole new line of automobiles to cater to a different market segment in the industry. The Ford Thunderbird was supposed to go head to head with the Chevrolet Corvette, but the two went on different directions soon after. While Corvettes eventually became more oriented towards sports, the T-bird evolved into a decent 2-door luxury vehicle. These days, encountering this classic vehicle can leave you awestruck. You just have to appreciate the true beauty in the craftsmanship of these cars. However, there is no escape from bugs that hound old vehicles. Here are some things to look into when a Ford T-bird is running rough:

    Ignition timing

    When you talk about ignition timing in internal combustion engines, it concerns the positioning of the distributor relative to the ideal operation of the engine. As you might have already known, petrol engines rely on having the spark to ignite the mixture of fuel and air delivered to the chamber. This should occur as soon as the piston compresses the air-fuel mixture to generate the detonation that propels the strokes. In stock set-ups, the distributor is positioned at an angle meant to match the top dead center. This ensures proper detonation and movement of the engine components. However, the problem might come in when the distributor position deviates from zero degrees (top dead center). Advanced timing is usually used for an engine that is tuned to run pretty fast. On the other hand, retarded timing can help reduce pressure and temperature and eliminate knocking. These adjustments should be done in small increments only. Otherwise, this can compromise the way your engine runs. If you think the ignition timing is the culprit, you should pop your hood and adjust the position of the distributor. Observe the changes in the engine response and readjust if needed.

    Spark plug

    The spark plug is an essential piece in making petrol engines work. It is placed on top of the chamber so that it can set the detonation once the piston reaches the top of the compression stroke. The part needs to generate enough amount of jolt to be able to set the right detonation for the power stroke. This is why there is a need to use the correct spark plugs and monitor their condition regularly. Its inability to do so might result in misfires in your engine block. You might also experience high fuel consumption, lackluster acceleration, rough idling, and problems in starting. When these signs become apparent, it would be time to have new spark plugs replace the old ones.


    Even if you are dealing with a much older vehicle, its engine system is still equipped with a carburetor if the T-bird has been maintained in close to purist standards. You should regularly check its components like the float and throttle shaft. Otherwise, an unkempt carb can give your car a bad idle. More than that, you might end up with a lot of black smoke as well.