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  • Ford Transit Connect: Quick Guide to Windshield Repair and Replacement

    Accidents happen, and your Ford Transit Connect\'s windshield can be the next victim. It can easily be ruined when some flying debris hits right into the glass while the vehicle is running at highway speeds or when something falls off and smashes into the windscreen, leaving behind more than a just few scratches. Fortunately, the windshield is made up of two layers of glass that are held or glued together. Although the glass may crack, the layers keep the windshield from breaking easily into tiny pieces and falling apart completely. Good thing is, replacement isn\'t the only solution. To figure out whether or not the windshield can still be repaired, here are some considerations:

    Size of damage

    Shops that specialize in auto glass repair will have to assess the damage first to know whether or not the windshield should be replaced or if this can still be repaired. This depends on the size or depth of the cracks or chips. Shops can easily repair chips that are about an inch in diameter and cracks that are about 3 inches long. New machinery and technologies, however, allow some shops to fix much wider chips and longer cracks. Cracks that are up to 18 inches long can be repaired by some auto glass shops, although some might refuse to fix cracks that are larger than a dollar bill.

    Type of cracks

    Technicians will also assess the damage based on the type of cracks. The damage can come in the form of stress cracks, a crack that may develop even if the windshield hasn\'t been hit by debris. Variations in temperature may cause this. Some types of cracks can be repaired more easily than others. These include the star break (a series of short radial cracks that resemble a star), the bull\'s eye (circular damage caused by a circular object), half moon (or partial bull\'s eye), crack chip (a single crack that\'s about a quarter in size), and pit (an area wherein a small piece of glass is missing). Other types of cracks include the edge crack (this starts within 2 inches of the windshield\'s edge or reaches the edge), floater crack (it begins in the middle of the windshield), combination break (these are multiple breaks in a windshield such as a chip with cracks), and long crack (a crack that\'s over 6 inches long). Cracks and chips that can be covered with a quarter can typically be repaired. Multiple cracks, however, are more difficult to fix.

    Location of cracks/damage

    Aside from the size and type of crack, the technician will determine whether or not the windshield can be repaired based on the location of the crack. If the damage is on the inside of the windshield, for instance, the crack can no longer be repaired. Replacement is the best option in case there\'s deep damage on both layers of the glass or damage is over the rain sensor or internal radio antenna. The technician will also have to check if the damage is on the driver\'s line of vision or critical viewing area. Contaminated cracks, complex multiple breaks, and cracks that are more than 18 inches long are not up for repair. Edge cracks and chips are also not recommended for repair since the location of the damage compromises the structural integrity of the windshield, considering the bonding to the frame.