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Fuel Door Cover

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You don't need to spend big bucks and sweat too much just to give your ride a touch of style. All you need to do is to look for an inexpensive yet attractive automotive add-on that's a cinch to install. A stylish fuel door cover will definitely do the trick. And it's a good thing that this add-on is available in many online and brick-and-mortar auto-part stores.finding one will be easy for you.

To make your shopping experience easier, here's a list of the factors you should consider when purchasing a cover for your fuel tank door:


While fuel door covers come in different designs, most of them are made from either stainless steel, automotive-grade ABS, or billet aluminum materials. The material from which the fuel door cover is made speaks a lot about how durable and lasting it will be, so you'd better choose wisely.

Stainless steel won't be called king of metals for nothing. This material is tough and is highly resistant to corrosion. Aluminum, on the other hand, is best known for being lightweight and corrosion resistant, making it popular among automotive customizers. The other type of material, which is ABS, is a sort of thermoplastic material that's widely used in the automotive industry for its strength, shock absorbency, as well as its being lightweight.


Among the available fuel door cover finishes are polished, brushed, powdercoated black, and chrome plating. When choosing one, go for the type of finish that you think will match the other exterior accessories you've installed in your car. If you have a chrome trim, you might as well go for a cover with chrome finish. Polished and chrome finishes are perfect if you want a more classy ride while brushed and powdercoated black finishes are best for those who are aiming for a more muscular and tough look for their truck or SUV.


Fuel door covers are also offered in many different designs, but much like when choosing a finish, you should base your choice of design on the looks and character you want to add to your vehicle.

Locking vs. non-locking

When buying a fuel door cover, you'll also face the challenge of choosing between a locking and non-locking unit. While a locking unit ensures security especially against fuel theft, it may come a bit expensive compared to the non-locking type. Installing a locking cover may also require some drilling as it is usually held in place by self-tapping screws. Non-locking cover, on the other hand, ensures a peel-and-stick kind of installation, so it can be outfitted in your ride in just a few seconds. However, it can also be remove in a cinch in case someone wants to do something with your fuel.

Price and warranty

Of course, the price of the fuel door cover as well as the warranty that comes with it matter a lot. Does the price of the cover you're planning to purchase match your budget? If it doesn't and you're required to shell out a few dollars more, think first if the extra cash is well worth it. Additional price should come with extra features and benefits such as good warranty coverage.