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Fuel Injection Kit

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You might think that by stepping on the gas pedal, you're controlling the amount of fuel that's injected into the engine. But you'll be surprised to know that this isn't exactly what's happening here. The harder you press on the pedal, the more air is injected into the engine. As the air increases, the engine control unit also makes sure more fuel is pumped up for the right air-fuel mix needed for combustion. The fuel injector adjusts the amount of fuel that's fed into the engine as well as when this fuel is injected, with close coordination with the engine control unit. When greater amounts of fuel are needed, the injector then converts fuel into atomized spray that's injected to the engine for better burning efficiency.

Seeing how things work with the fuel injector, you can imagine how much trouble you can be in if it breaks or wears out. You may need to get a new fuel injection kit to fix problems caused by this faulty fuel system component.

Signs that you need a fuel injection kit to replace a defective injector

A bad fuel injector can create these kinds of problems:

  • Fuel leaks out of the injector. Cracks or breaks in the fuel injector can lead to fuel leaks. Fuel may escape to the intake manifold since a part of the injector is connected to this part. You may find visible signs of leaks or smell gas.
  • The engine idles roughly. The fuel injector is key to efficient fuel delivery for combustion. If this is messed up, you may experience choppy or rough idling from the engine.
  • Engine missing becomes a regular occurrence. Aside from rough idling, a faulty injector may also cause engine missing. Restrictions on fuel flow may adversely affect fuel consumption and engine performance.
  • The engine surges. Disrupted fuel flow or irregularities with fuel delivery to the engine may cause engine surging. You may notice the engine switching to high and low RPMs, which makes it difficult for the engine to operate smoothly.
  • Gas mileage is suffering. A malfunctioning injector can lead to high fuel consumption, which can be caused by leaks or by injecting too much fuel into the engine. As a result, gas mileage will suffer.

Getting a fuel injection kit

If cleaning the fuel injector with special solvents won't do the trick, you may have to scout for a new fuel injector kit to replace the faulty fuel injector. Here are things to keep in mind when shopping for a kit:

  • Get the right kind of fuel injection kit based on the type of engine used by the vehicle (some kits are universal in fit).
  • Check what comes with the kit, whether or not it's built in with an ECM and has all the needed hardware.
  • Know the requirements for programming (some kits no longer need to be configured or programmed).
  • Look for an easy-to-use, simple-to-install fuel injection kit.
  • Shop for the best prices and deals (kits cost more than a thousand dollars, may be priced anywhere around 1,600 USD to almost 1,800 USD).

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