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Fuel Petcock Repair Kit

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When your motorcycle idles, the fuel petcock starts to leak. The leaking may stop when the motorcycle springs into motion and then continue when you brake to a halt. In cases like this, you'll probably wonder if you need to have a new fuel petcock or a fuel petcock repair kit, or if you just have to replace the shutoff valve. Well, this problem is just one of the many things that can happen with a faulty fuel petcock.

Other symptoms of a bad motorcycle fuel petcock

  • The gas on the motorcycle easily gets depleted. Fuel efficiency is low and suffering.
  • There's some distinct gas odor. It doesn't take much to notice smell gas as you pass by the motorcycle.
  • Turning the petcock isn't easy, not like it used to. You're now experiencing some difficulty.
  • The oil level seems to go up. The strange thing about this is that you haven't been pouring in more oil.

Leaks from the fuel petcock may lead to fuel overflowing the carb. This may go straight into the cylinders. When it combines with oil, this can lead to a disaster. To fix the leaks, some would resort to twisting the washer under the face plate after disconnecting the petcock. They believe that this will create more pressure on the valve. And as a result, this may stop fuel leaks. In case there's a tear found in the holes of the rubber diaphragm, some would try turning the diaphragm over and would place the leaky hole over the peg. These solutions may work for some, but these don't guarantee great results all the time. At best, these can be a temporary fix. A washed-up fuel petcock deserves a better repair solution than this. Instead of replacing the whole thing, you can just buy a fuel petcock repair kit to replace the O-rings and diaphragms and rebuild the unit.

Shopping for a fuel petcock repair kit

If you want to fix the busted fuel petcock in your motorcycle, a repair kit can do the trick. When shopping for a fuel petcock repair kit, keep these tips in mind:

  • The repair kit should have all the necessary hardware such as the O-rings and diaphragms.these pieces should be designed to rebuild or restore the busted fuel petcock.
  • The hardware in the kit should be a direct fit to the motorcycle's fuel by year, make, and model to get the right repair kit for a specific petcock.
  • Take note of what's in the kit and what's not.some kits do not include a plastic diaphragm spacer block.
  • The hardware should be made from highly reliable materials so that they won't break that easily.they should withstand harsh weather elements and impacts.
  • Shop around for the best prices to grab the best deals.the fuel petcock repair kit may cost less than 20USD or as much as 70 USD.
  • Search for the latest wouldn't hurt if you use coupons or take advantage of shopping discounts and other promos that will give you best value for your money.