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Customizing your vehicle's exteriors can make you feel good every time you drive. But while you're at it, why not jazz up your ride inside and out? You can get a lot of customization pieces for your interiors, and one good example is the gauge face. Changing this component will drastically modify the way your car can even choose from various designs that would fit your taste. Here's a short how-to guide to help you get started with the installation. Note that some of the steps below may not be applicable, depending on the car that you drive.

Step 1: Start your vehicle and allow it to warm up until it reaches its normal operating temperature. While you wait, remove the hex screws at the top part of the instrument cluster housing. With the screws out, pop the housing and locate the trunk release wiring harness to unplug it. Then, find the rubber piece under the housing and remove it as well. You also need to remove the remaining hex screws on the instrument cluster.

Step 2: When the engine has reached its normal running temperature, mark the needle location of the temp, speed, and fuel gauges on your current gauge face.

Step 3: After that, turn the engine off and disconnect the wiring harness from the instrument cluster so that you can take the cluster completely out of the car.

Step 4: With the instrument cluster out, separate its two parts.front and releasing the tabs that connect them. After that, you need to remove the torx screws on the front part of the cluster to pull the gauge face off.

Step 5: Next, carefully remove the needles of the gauges, starting with temperature gauge and then slowly make your way to the other gauges. As much as possible, don't rotate the needles when removing them.

Step 6: Next, use an electronic odometer to reset the needles. Then, use the marks that you made earlier to position the needles.

Step 7: After that, remove the old gauge face of your ride by finding its edge and holding it to pull the face towards you.

Step 8: When the old face is gone, apply a thin layer of adhesive onto the back part of the new one to install it. Then, replace the needle stops by pressing them down their respective positions. You can also snap the front cover the gauge face back on.

Step 9: Next, install the needles when the car is at its lowest idle. Do this by plugging in the cluster and pulling the lever back. After that, you need to start the car and wait for it to reach its normal running temp once again. When it has reached its running temp, position the needle using the marks. It may take a few tries before you can reset the needles correctly, so be very patient for this step.

Step 10: Finally, when the needles are properly in place, reinstall the other components that you removed earlier.

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