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GEO Articles

  • Get to Know the Geos

    Geo was a marque of small cars under General Motor\'s Chevrolet division. It was established by GM in 1989 to get into the small import market, which was starting to gain popularity at that time. This marque continued to exist until 1997 model year. Vehicles wearing the Geo badge were built by GM in partnership with three Japanese automakers. The Geo Prizm was assembled at the GM/Toyota joint-venture NUMMI assembly plant in California while the Tracker and the Metro rolled off the GM/Suzuki joint-venture CAMI assembly plant in Ontario. The Storm and Spectrum, on the other hand, were made by Isuzu in Japan.

    The Metro

    Manufactured based on the Suzuki Swift, the Metro was slotted in the small economy car market in Canada. This small economy car, which was produced from 1989 to 2001, was initially released in three and five-door hatchback models as well as a 4-door notchback sedan. A convertible was released a year after, but it only enjoyed a short three-year stay in the market. This convertible was the only first-gen Metro to be fitted with an airbag. In 1998, the Metro received minor restyling for the last time and was fitted with better Geo parts including improved headlamps and a more powerful four-cylinder engine. All Metros produced for 2001 model year were sold to fleets only.

    The Prizm

    The Prizm was jointly developed by Toyota and GM, so it\'s no surprise that it rode on Toyota Sprinter platform. This compact four-door sedan was produced in three generations, from 1989 to 2002, and was exclusively sold in the United States. There\'s also a five-door hatchback model that lasted until 1991 model year. Though it had bagged several awards like the Consumer\'s Digest Best Buy selection, it was always outsold by its Toyota twin.the Corolla.

    The Spectrum

    The Spectrum was one-size up from subcompact Metro. It was a short-lived Chevy model produced from 1985 to 1988. As Geo was introduced in 1989, Spectrum was rebranded and became a subcompact Geo. Chevy retained several features like the grille, but Chevy\'s logo was replaced by Geo badge. The Geo Spectrum, however, was sold only in 1989 model year.

    The Storm

    A sport compact car made by Isuzu but sold in the U.S. under GM\'s Geo line of inexpensive vehicles, the Storm was offered in either two-door or a three-door hatchback. It was designed to deliver the look and feel of a sport car without the hefty sports car price tag. Since they are performance oriented, all Storm models share some top-notch Geo performance parts including front disc and rear brakes and anti-sway bar for tighter front suspension. There\'s an available Storm GSi package that offers additional features like transmission with a gear ratio, rear anti-sway bar, and driving lights, as well as Geo accessories like a spoiler. Despite mixed reviews, the Storm did well in the market and became popular with Geo owners.

    The Tracker

    Based on Suzuki Sidekick, the Geo Tracker was GM\'s attempt to offer a low-cost alternative for a Jeep. This was introduced in 1989 as a two-door mini SUV with either fixed or convertible hard top available in base or LSi versions. Since the LSi is an upscale trim, it offered more standard Geo parts than the base models. LSi\'s list of features include chrome rally wheels, tinted glass, air conditioner, intermittent wiper, spare tire cover, front and rear bucket seats, 3-speed GM Turbo-Hydramatic 180 automatic transmission, as well as rear window wiper and washer. What sets the Tracker apart from other light SUVs is that it is based on a rugged light-truck chassis, which makes it a certified Light Truck.

    Though the Geo line has been discontinued, owners can still find aftermarket Geo car parts and OE Geo replacement parts in many auto-part stores online or offline.