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Want to jazz up your ride or restore an old vehicle without splurging too much? Then put your money in a grille trim. This aftermarket accessory is sure to add a more customized look to your car's grille. But before you grab the first trim kit you see, consider these things first:


The trim for the grille should be able to withstand what the grille is regularly exposed to: plenty of extreme heat, toxic smoke, and the occasional fender bender. That's why this trim is made from automotive-grade ABS plastic, billet aluminum, or stainless steel. For complete durability and reliability, opt for a stainless steel trim. This trim type is made to withstand corrosion longer than its aluminum counterpart and can handle fender benders better than a plastic trim.

Color and finish

The right type of trim color and finish ultimately depends on the look you want to achieve for your vehicle's exterior. A trim with a chrome finish lends a shiny and .fresh-from-the-showroom. look, while a black grille trim exudes a classic yet rugged look. If you want to add a personal touch to the trim, opt for one that you can easily paint with your choice of color.

Mounting options

You basically have two choices when it comes to installation: stick-on or bolt-on. If you want hassle-free installation, a flexible grille trim made of plastic is your best choice. This type comes with an adhesive tape at the back of the strip so you don't need bolts or screws. Simply remove the adhesive backing, heat up the tape a bit, and stick it in place. However, if you want a more permanent way of installing the trim, opt for a bolt-on or screw-on type. Installing this type of trim might require you to remove a few parts such as the grille and other front-end components that might get in the way.

Ease of maintenance

A plastic grille trim is the easiest to clean since it doesn't corrode, and you just need to wash it with car soap and water. As for aluminum and steel, you might need a special cleaner to prevent tarnishing the finish. Also keep in mind that all trim material types need to be coated with a protective sealant or polish to prolong their lifespan.

Other factors to consider

If you're planning to trim up other exterior parts of your vehicle, a good choice would be a flexible trim that's made of plastic. This trim type is usually available as a universal trim that can be attached to various exterior areas of your car.the grille, hood, and door panels.

Another thing to consider is what you mainly use your vehicle for. If it's mainly for off-road trips, a grille trim that's made of stainless steel is your best option since this type is the most durable. But if you mainly use your car to drive around the city, then aluminum or plastic trims can help you jazz up your car's look without having to spend too much.