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Hardtop Storage Cart

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Keeping your vehicle's hardtop in top condition requires special storage tools and equipment. After all, you can't just plop it against the wall of your garage and leave it there to battle it out against the elements. This is why you need to invest in aehardtop storage cart. This equipment is designed to carry your hardtop, keep it off the ground, and allow you to move the hardtop around via a set of wheels. But before you grab the first storage cart you see, here are some things you need to consider first:

Installation instruction and hardware

When shopping for a storage cart, make sure you choose one that includes installation instructions and all the necessary hardware. Many storage cart assemblies are pretty straightforward when it comes to installing them, but having a manual and a complete list of hardware can make the task easier. This is especially the case if you can't figure out where to attach a certain washer or foam tube.

Quality of padding and insulation

Because the surface of a hardtop can easily get scratched when it comes in contact with a hard, abrasive surface such as metal, you should get a hardtop storage cart that comes with top-quality padding and material insulation. Take a close look at a cart's contact points and see if these are properly padded or insulated; you don't want your expensive hardtop to get damaged by its own storage cart.

Locking casters

It's not enough that your storage cart has four functioning wheels or casters. A reliable storage cart should also have locking casters to prevent you from accidentally moving or pushing the cart. Fortunately many carts and storage options have this nifty feature.

Cart cover

Although this is usually an extra feature, it wouldn't hurt if you choose a cart that already includes a durable cart cover. If you plan to place the cart inside the garage, dirt, moisture, and grime can easily build up on the surface of the hardtop and cart. So to protect them from damaging elements, invest in a cart that includes a fabric cover.

Liftglass retainer bar

If your hardtop has a glass rear window, another nifty feature worth looking into is a liftglass retainer bar. A hardtop storage cart with this retainer bar makes sure that the rear window is properly closed during storage and removal. This, you'll avoid scratching or cracking the glass when lifting the hardtop on and off the cart.


Another factor you should consider when choosing storage options for your hardtop is if the cart is easy to clean. Keep in mind that you also need to clean this storage tool to keep it in top condition for many years. And if the cart is dirty, it's highly possible for the dirt and grime to transfer onto the hardtop. If you want a low-maintenance storage cart, opt for one that you can easily clean with automotive soap and water. A hardtop storage cart with tubes and pipes that won't easily get scratched or dented is also a good option.