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Hardtop Storage Cart Cover

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Summer's fast approaching, so it's now time to prepare your ride for open-air driving. But how will you enjoy all your summer escapades when you're worrying about your convertible hardtop getting dented and scratched right where you left it? That's no longer a problem now that you can find a wide variety of hardtop holders and storage cart covers specifically designed to protect your hardtop. Commonly called a hardtop storage cart cover or hardtop storage dolly, this accessory will provide your hardtop with its much-needed protection while you're out there freely driving around and enjoying the sun.

If you're in the market to look for this auto accessory, here are some tips to bear in mind for you to get one that will give you your money's worth:

Go for a hardtop storage cart cover that can be used both for indoor and outdoor.

Even if you have a covered garage where you can store your hardtop storage cart, it's still wise to get a cover that can also withstand damaging outdoor elements. You see, there will be times when you'll need that space in your garage for social functions and you have to relocate your hardtop outside. Without a cover designed for outdoor use, your hardtop will be prone to all sorts of damage caused by sun's rays, acid rain, bird droppings, tree sap, and other natural elements. But despite the cover's heavy-duty task, it's still important that its inner fabric has the gentleness of an indoor cover so as not to damage the hardtop's surface.

The hardtop storage cart cover must be quick-drying and water resistant.

Whether for indoor or outdoor use, you have to ensure that your hardtop cover is water repellant. Water can seep into the smallest hole and find its way into the cart and your hardtop and cause molds or rust formation. What more if it is acid rain that gets in contact with the hardtop and its cart? Can you imagine the kind of damage it could make? So before shelling out bucks for a cover, make sure that it won't allow any amount of water and moisture to get into your hardtop. A water-resistant cover is also quick-drying, so you can easily hose the dirt off, clean the cover, and dry it in just a few minutes.

Choose a hardtop storage cart cover that's custom made for your make and model.

The importance of getting a cover that's specifically made for your make and model's convertible top is that you are assured of perfect fit, which means your entire hardtop is well protected. With a custom-made cover, there won't be any part of your hardtop that will be exposed to dirt, dust, and other damaging elements.

The hardtop storage cart cover should have a breathable fabric.

No matter how heavy duty or thick the cover is, it's still important that it allows the hardtop to breath. This will help prevent rust formation as any moisture inside can easily evaporate before it can cause any kind damage in your hardtop.

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