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Due to its location, the headlight assembly of your vehicle is vulnerable to getting hit or dirtied by road debris, dust, rain water, mud, etc. These damage-causing elements can contribute to having a faulty component in the assembly, and one of which is the headlight bezel. The bezel is one of the most neglected components in the headlight assembly simply because fixing it is not as immediate as fixing a busted headlight bulb. However, if you keep driving with a faulty bezel in your car, this will soon affect the functionality of the entire headlight assembly. Since it frames the lens of the headlight, it actually provides an extra layer of protection by keeping out external elements that can damage and affect the functionality of the headlight components. To prevent this from happening, address the faulty bezel in your ride immediately. Here's a quick and basic guide on the things that you need to know about headlight bezels.

Headlight Bezel Replacement Reminders

Before replacing the bezel of your car, truck, or SUV's headlights, here are some important reminders that you need to keep in mind during the process.

  • When replacing your headlight's bezels, retaining rings, or trims, always wear gloves for protection. These components can have sharp and rough edges that can cause injuries.
  • Handle the headlight assembly with care at all times. Don't just use any pry tool to disconnect the assembly from the vehicle as this can cause the glass of the headlight to break or shatter.
  • When replacing the bezel, make sure that the switch of the headlights are in the off position. You should also remove the negative cable of the battery to avoid getting electrocuted.
  • When doing repairs on your headlight assembly, you may need to loosen the parking and turn signal lights for easier access.
  • You can add LED lights around the bezel to jazz up the look of your ride.

Replacing the Headlight Bezel

You need to be extra cautious every time you work on your headlight and its components due to its sensitive nature. To stay on the safe side, always wear personal safety equipment like gloves to protect yourself and the component.

Step 1: To replace the bezel, you may need to remove the entire headlight assembly from your vehicle. Start by popping the hood and disconnecting the negative cable of the battery with the help of a wrench.

Step 2: After that, locate the screws that secure the headlight bezel in place and start to remove them using a screwdriver. Once they're out, set them aside for future use.

Step 3: Next, pull the retaining screws of the headlight out to be able to remove the entire assembly out. Before pulling the headlight out of the vehicle, unplug it from the wires that connect it to the vehicle's power source.

Step 4: Start mounting the new headlight bezel to the headlight using a screwdriver. Do this by placing the bezel over the headlight's retainer.

Step 5: After that, plug the wiring components back to headlights and reinstall the entire assembly. Secure the components by putting the screws back in place.