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Headlight Conversion Kit

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A busted headlight is a definite no-no when driving at night. If you want to stay safe, you need to fix your headlights ASAP. When buying new ones, you might want to spruce up your car by getting an upgrade. There are now a lot of headlight options to choose from in the market such as xenon and LED. Though typical halogen headlights remain reliable, modern lighting options are also good to consider because they're packed with new features, and they also tend to last for a longer time. Should you choose to have upgrade, you can always buy a headlight conversion kit to do the job yourself. With this product, you don't have to go to a mechanic for a pricy upgrade. Instead, you can do the conversion in the comforts of your own garage. To find out more about headlight conversion, read this basic guide below.

Why should I convert my headlights?

Though halogens are still common, newer automotive lighting options have several features and benefits that ordinary lights don't have. Here are some of them:

  • Cost-effective - Though modern headlight options like xenon and LED cost more, they also last for a longer time, making them cost-effective and cheaper over time.
  • Energy-efficient - Newer headlights are known for being energy-efficient as they tend to use lower amounts of energy while giving off brighter lights.
  • Brighter light - Xenon and LED lights are much brighter compared to traditional halogen lamps as measured in lumens. Halogen lights normally emit 700 to 1,000 lumens while other light options like xenon can go as bright as 3,200 lumens.

What should I look for in a headlight conversion kit?

If you're going to do an upgrade on your headlights, make sure you have the right headlight conversion kit for the job. Here are some of the things that you should consider when buying one.

  • Hue or color temperature - Having brighter lights don't guarantee your safety on the road. In fact, if you have extra-bright headlights, you might end up blinding drivers from incoming traffic. This can be dangerous and it can even cause an accident. So instead of choosing a brighter lamp, you need to consider the hue or color temperature of a headlight, which is measured using kelvins. Experts say that lighting components which emit around 4,300 to 6,000 kelvins are the best for visibility.
  • Energy consumption - When converting your headlights, you want something that's better than your ordinary halogens. Make sure you buy a product that is energy-efficient yet effective.
  • Street-legal - Stay on the safe side by buying a headlight conversion kit that follows NHTSA rules and regulations.

Which is headlight option is better: xenon or LED?

Both xenon and LED headlights have their own pros and cons, so choosing will be up to your own preference. When buying a headlight conversion kit, ensure that you choose a fitting product. Here's what to expect:


  • 3,200 lumens
  • 4,100 kelvins and above
  • 300% brighter than halogen
  • Reduces energy consumption by 40%
  • Wider light area


  • Simple semiconductors
  • 4,000 kelvins and above
  • Will last for a long time
  • Minimal heat
  • Energy-saving