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Small rocks, wayward motorists and bikers, and the occasional fender bender with a lamp post can damage your car's headlights with just one hit. Whether the resulting damage is a small scratch on the headlight glass or a shattered light bulb, you'll have to spend money on having the busted part repaired. To lessen the chances of damaging your headlamps due to unforeseen circumstances, equip your vehicle with a headlight guard. This nifty device, which is designed to help prolong the lifespan of your headlamps, is not just easy to install but is also available in many types. If you're confused as to what type of guard to choose for your vehicle, read on to get some tips.

Finding the best type of headlight guard for your vehicle

Headlamp guards are available in many types to cater to the various needs of motorists. Depending on your vehicle, budget, and style preference, here are your choices:

  • Mesh guard - As its name suggests, this headlight guard looks like a small mesh grille that you can install over the headlights. It's usually made from high-grade stainless steel to deter corrosion and provide durability. It's very easy to install because many mesh guard kits come with clamp-on clips that let you clip the mesh in need to drill bolt holes. A mesh guard is your best bet if your vehicle is regularly exposed to small rocks, wayward branches, and other types of debris that can easily smash the headlight glass. You don't have to worry about this guard clashing with your car's exterior because it's available in basic colors such as black and silver.
  • Headlight half shield . Another option is the headlight half shield, which is usually made of chrome-plated steel for added protection against corrosion. This is basically a rectangular or circular metal cap that covers half of the headlights and is usually bolted on the headlight assembly. This type of guard is effective in protecting the headlamps from heavier debris, but it may clash with your car's exterior because of its solid silver or chrome color.
  • Plastic guard . If you're worried about nicks, scratches, and bug juice getting all over your headlights, a plastic guard is the best choice. A clear, plastic film that you stick on top of the headlights, this headlight guard effectively protects headlamps from road debris and harmful UV rays. The invisible film won't have an effect on your headlamps' color and is very easy to install. The installation process is basically similar to attaching a car body protection film.
  • Getting a good deal

    To get the most out of your budget, opt for a brand that offers reliable products at a reasonable price. Because of the variety of options out there, it will help a lot if you read online product reviews from reputable sources. Once you've figured out the right type of headlight guard, you have to determine which brand offers the best deal: a high-quality product that's affordable and is backed by a reliable warranty.