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If you think that having a damaged headliner in your vehicle isn't all that dangerous, think again. When this component gets damaged, there's always a chance that it might suddenly fall off or sag, block your vision, and cause you to get into an accident. Since you never know when an accident can happen, always be prepared when you're on the road. And what better way to prepare than to make sure that your vehicle and its components are in tiptop shape. Headliners can get worn out and faulty after years of continued use, especially if you don't take good care of them. Over time, they can get dirty and exposed to high amounts of moisture, causing them to lose their adhesive. When this happens, they inevitably cave in, fall off, or sag, making your car's interiors less appealing and your drives more dangerous. Here's a quick and general guide on everything you need to know about an automotive headliner.

Things to consider

Here are the things that you need to consider when shopping for replacement car headliners.

1. Material

  • Plastic - Plastic headliners are known for their custom fit and customization properties. Since they're vacuum formed, you can expect seamless installation.
  • Fabric - Fabric headliners come in several varieties such as foam-backed cloth.typical for newer car models, cotton-napped cloths.not equipped with foam but feature a nice finish, synthetic cloths.bow supported, and perforated vinyl.resistant to tears.
  • Vinyl - Vinyl headliners are perfect for those hot climates since they're UV-resistant.
  • Nylon - Nylons are resistant to heat and they're also durable, so they'll last for a long time.

2. Color

You can choose from a wide variety of colors if you want to use the headliner to customize the look of your ride. However, if you just want a typical replacement for your old one, you can choose neutral colors like charcoal or gray.

3. Price

When looking for headliners for your ride, be prepared to spend around $250 to $500 to ensure you get a good replacement.

Step-by-step installation

Step 1: To begin, remove the components that are bolted on the ceiling of your car like lights and visors. Once they're out, you can remove the current headliner of your vehicle, starting from the dome light hole and slowly making your way to the rear.

Step 2: After that, carefully get it out of your car by letting it pass through one of the doors.

Step 3: Once it's out, peel the fabric off and use sandpaper to remove any remaining foam.

Step 4: Next, mount the new fabric in position and then fold half of it to apply adhesive. After that, unfold the fabric and smooth it out to remove any wrinkles. Repeat this step for the other half until the new fabric is completely glued.

Step 5: Cut the excess fabric but make sure you leave about an inch on the side. And finally, reinstall the headliner back on the ceiling of your car.