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Riding a motorcycle without a fully functioning helmet face shield exposes your face to a lot of damaging elements .the sun's harmful UV rays, road dust, and grime. This is why a face shield or a visor, just like any motorcycle part or accessory, should be properly and regularly maintained. With regular maintenance, you'll be able to spot early signs of damage and fix them as soon as possible before they get worse. To help you keep your helmet visor in top condition, here are some tips when dealing with common problems:

1. Stuck visor - A stuck helmet visor can be a pain in the neck. If the visor opens or closes only halfway through, it will impair your vision and make the helmet practically useless.

Solution: To get the visor working properly again, take a closer look at the screws or bolts that hold it in place. If the screws are rusty or damaged, replace them. However, if this doesn't work, put some lube on the area where the side plate and visor connect. This should get the visor in top working condition.

2. Scratch-filled or misty helmet face shield - Scratches or discoloration on the visor can also impair your visibility, making you more prone to road accidents.

Solution: Fortunately, removing scratches or foggy patches from your motorcycle helmet shield is an easy job. You just need to get your hands on a mirror glaze polish. Put some on a clean rag and buff out the scratches and haze. Repeat until the visor becomes crystal clear. To prevent scratches, you can apply a protective polish over the shield glass. If the scratches are too big or deep, buffing them out won't work. In this case, you need to get a new helmet face shield.

3. Decal or sticker residues on the visor - Putting stickers or decals on the visor can be a creative way to personalize your motorcycle helmet. Unfortunately, these decals can easily leave a residue when removed.

Solution: If you just removed stickers and decals from your helmet face shield and you see unsightly patches of adhesive reside, don't fret. Simply use alcohol swabs or a clean, non-abrasive piece of cloth dipped in alcohol to wipe away those sticky patches. To effectively get rid of residue without scratching the shield, don't wipe too hard. After the residue has been removed, wipe away any excess alcohol as soon as possible. Don't forget to wash the treated area after rubbing it with alcohol.

Other repair and maintenance tips

When planning to clean the helmet face shield, get your hands on a cleaner kit that's especially designed to remove oil, sweat, grime, and other types of residue without damaging the surface. A cleaner kit usually includes a spray bottle and a microfiber cloth for easy application.

If your helmet visor is made of plastic, never use a petroleum-based cleaner on it since this can easily deteriorate the plastic material. Also avoid using a detergent or cleaner that's highly acidic or alkalic to prevent further damage.