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Helper Spring Mounting Kit

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Your truck, van, or SUV is always there to help you carry heavy loads.and whether you use it for work or for travel, the convenience it brings you is always unparalleled. However, the heavy stuff that you load onto your ride can eventually take its toll on your vehicle and cause the suspension system to fail. When this happens, you'll surely have a lot of problems on the road. This is where a helper spring comes in. You see, this component or accessory is usually added to the stock suspension of a vehicle to make it hold up weight better. So, if you want to preserve your suspension, you can begin by purchasing a good helper spring mounting kit. Know more about this component by reading the guide below.

How will a helper spring help my vehicle's suspension?

Helper springs are typically added to the stock suspension system of the vehicle with the help of a fitting helper spring mounting kit. Together, these components adjust the height of your vehicle to accommodate the load of your car. There are two types of helper springs.manual and self-adjusting. Self-adjusting springs have the ability to sense the amount of load on your vehicle, and they automatically adjust according to this weight. On the other hand, manual helper springs are adjusted or modified manually every time you have something heavy on your ride. Basically, with the help of this component, the suspension frame of your vehicle will be strengthened, making it more flexible while maintaining its towing capacity. This naturally improves a vehicle's drivability and smoothens its handling.

How are helper springs installed?

Installing a new helper spring requires you to have a helper spring mounting kit. If you just bought new ones and you're ready to mount them, you can attach them to the perches between the vehicle's suspension. Make sure that they work by checking the fit because if they don't fit your vehicle right, you might need to find a new helper spring mounting kit for the job. You can measure the stock leaf spring of your ride to get the right kit faster.

What are helper springs made of?

Helper springs are made using steel or aluminum materials that are extremely strong. They're generally made to push the main suspension spring of your vehicle towards the upper spring perch, reducing the chances of having a leaf spring wrap up and lightening the load of your vehicle in the process.

How do I remove old helper springs?

When replacing your old helper springs, make sure you have the right helper spring mounting kit for the task. You can start by parking the vehicle and placing wheel chocks on the front wheels. After that, you need to lift the vehicle with the help of a jack before you remove the rear wheels. Next, you need to face the rear suspension and start looking for the helper spring, which is usually located on the leaf spring pack. Lastly, you can use a socket and ratchet to pull the spring off from the U-bolt that secures it in place.