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You don't need to worry about the ball mount in your car peeking out when not in use or having some hollow drawbar receiving tube in awkward sight. With a hitch cover, you can hide that gaping hole or imperfection on your vehicle's rear. The hitch tube won't have to be plugged with dust, dirt, mud, sludge, leaves, or any kind of kicked-up grime or debris. You also won't have to worry about cleaning up the tube right before you pop in the drawbar and attach the ball mount. The cover can keep it clean and dry until it's time for you to tow some cargo or pull a trailer. This cover won't just conceal that rough metal but can also give your ride a bit of style with its vast colors and designs.

Look for a cover that fits.

The hitch cover is used for capping the drawbar receiving tube. It may hinge open or hang. It may also be inserted into the tube and can be locked in place. Whatever design you pick, see to it that it fits perfectly, making sure that the hitch tube will be concealed. The cover should match the towing equipment or hitch tube so that you can pop this into place with the least need for tedious modifications or a lot of unnecessary work just to set it up.

Trailer hitches come in five different classifications, Class I to V. The class of trailer hitch should be your guide when looking for a hitch cover for your vehicle's hitch tube. The receiver tube dimension can range anywhere from 1.25 inches to as much as 2.5 inches, depending on the classification of the trailer hitch. For instance, 1.25-inch receiver tubes are typically used on Class I and II trailer hitches, while 2-inch tubes are usually found on Class III hitches and 2.5-inch tubes on Class V hitches. You'll have to figure out the measurement of the tube. Check the labels and important product details of the hitch tube and other hitch equipment to find a matching cover. Some options might include mounting alternatives to fit the towing equipment attached to the vehicle.

Choose the design carefully.

Hitch covers come in more than just a few designs. You may pick a hitch cover featuring a car brand or logo to make it look like it's part of the vehicle's exterior. You can also look for a cover that matches the color and finish of the vehicle to fit into the vehicle molding. A plain cover is also available. The color may range from red, white, and blue to gray, yellow, and green. If you're looking for something fun and creative or something that reflects your personality, interests, and style, browse through the different designs before you pick a particular cover. You can get a cover with your favorite sports team logo, movie character, and other iconic figures. The hitch cover can give your car that brand new sense of style. So if you're going to a pick a new accessory, be sure it upgrades the look of the vehicle or it's something you'd like to see on the ride's rear end.