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Looking for original Holley products for your vehicle? Look no further because we have them all right here at JC Whitney. Our prices are just half of what other stores offer, so you’ll save more here than anywhere else! We also ship within 24 hours, so expect us to come knocking on your door very soon. Take a closer look at our complete collection of Holley parts below and get ready for mind-blowing results.

Holley Brand Articles

  • Holley: A Household Name in Automotive Performance Fuel Systems

    For more than a hundred years, Holley has been the undisputed leader in performance-grade automotive fuel systems. The fact that Holley parts have been used in every NASCAR Sprint Cup team and nearly every NHRA Pro-Stock champion for 40 years is a testament to this. Today, Holley is one of the dominant names in automotive performance products, including fuel pumps, intake manifolds, carburettors, and engine dress-up products. In addition, the company also manufactures fuel system products for racing and marine applications.

    A wide umbrella of brands

    In addition to its main brand, Holley also has several smaller brands. These brands, which include Diablosport, Flowtech, NOS, Hooker, Prestolite, and Racepak, specialize in parts that focus on specific applications. All of these brands take advantage of Holley\'s extensive experience in industry as well as access to in-house designs and technology, state-of-the-art equipment, and an extensive supplier network.


    Of all the products that Holley has released in its lifetime, no other component has brought more success to the brand than its line of carburettors. The heart of Holley\'s fuel system catalog, Holley carburetors are built for performance in mind. Buyers can choose from a wide selection of carburetor models, ranging from stock engine-friendly carbs to street- and track-ready units with huge bores and supercharger support. The classic Holley carbs can be bolted directly on stock or slightly modified engine blocks thanks to its universal calibration design and factory preset electric choke, while the racing-level performance models can be tuned and modified to help squeeze the last ounce of horsepower and torque from the engine. Each carb is also tested by veteran technicians to ensure that not defects are present, and is vibratory polished to achieve a clean, chrome-like finish.

    Fuel injectors

    Another bestselling item in the Holley catalog, Holley fuel injectors provides precise control of fuel delivery and atomization for improved power output, throttle response, and fuel efficiency. Each fuel injector is guaranteed to be made of brand new components, unlike those from other brands that refurbish stock units or used injector cores. But where these injectors really shine is its revolutionary low-mass disc design, which allows for precise metering control even at ultra-low and high duty cycles. A sturdy alloy construction also enables these injectors to operate at higher fuel pressures without the loss of metering control, which makes it ideal for racing and other high-demand application where increased fuel pressure and highly accurate metering is the norm.

    Throttle bodies

    Holley throttle body assemblies are designed to comply with all relevant emission provisions and hook-ups in all 50 states. The units have a universal \"bolt-on\" construction that complies with OE standards, making installation as easy as mounting the throttle body onto the stock factory engine manifold. The throttle bodies are tested to provide a 42% area increase compared to stock units and boost torque and horsepower up to 20%. In addition, these throttle bodies can further be upgraded with add-ons from Holley such as heavy duty transmission cable brackets, idle air control motors, and throttle body gaskets.